Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Holy Grail of Disneyland Ticket Books"

Every once in a while something extra special shows up on eBay. Since I’m not independently wealthy, the only way some of these specialties will show up on this blog is if I show the EBay listing.

According to the seller, this is the “Holy Grail of Disneyland Tickets”. I pretty much have to agree there. From the listing “On October 11th 1955 Disneyland put out it's first Ticket Book which had 8 tickets in it 3 A Tickets, 2 B Tickets and 3 C Tickets. This book up for auction has 2 A Tickets, 1 B Ticket and 2 C Tickets all in Excellent to Near Mint Condition. Only the Very First Ticket Books had the Word RIDE under the Large Letter on each ticket, which makes this ticket book real RARE. Towards the end of 1955 Walt Disney had made a decision to take the word Ride off the ticket books and replace it with the word COUPON. He said the word RIDE made him feel like it was a carnival ride”.

The eBay auction is here (link). As far as the price; it's at $975 now which was the opening bid. There was a “buy-it-now” option for $1,475, but now that someone has bid (not me!) that option is gone. Is that price fair? I have no idea hard evidence, but that seems about right.

I’ve heard that there is a ticket book out there that may predate this one. It is reported to have little drawings of the attractions (or rides) on each ticket. This information comes from the utmost reliable source; however I’ve never seen them myself.

Here's the tickets in the auction.

The tickets do look to be in excellent condition.

The “C” ticket in 1955 was the top of the line. I love the special font for all five of the realm titles.

Christmas is just around the corner – wouldn’t this make a great gift for that special Disneyland Ticket collector/blog operator you know?



It's interesting that the TOMORROWLAND font on the backside of the book is very similar to the font style used by Walt Disney World's new Tomorrowland of 1994.

Daveland said...

Tim - let me know which one of your readers buys this for you...I could use a sponsor - ha!

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, somebody was willing to bid almost $1000 for an incomplete example? I do love the variety of fonts used. I have a ticket book from around this era (A thru C only), but the tickets say "coupon" instead of "ride". Arg!

Anonymous said...

I bought this ticket book and feel lucky and blessed to have finally "found" it. I've been searching for years for this item. What now? Revel in nostalgia, I suppose. muckamire

Anonymous said...

We have two complete and unused Disney ticket books in mint condition. One has all the tickets A to D. The other has all the tickets from A to E. What do you think they are worth?

Online Pharmacy no prescription said...

Amazing collection.I would like to have similar tickets because they are old and beautiful

Unknown said...

Hi, This is probably not the ideal blog post to present my question but here goes...

I have two sets of completely unused ticket books that include admission tickets. Each set of four ticket books are in sequential order. They are from January 1980. They are in perfect condition.

I also have random used books from 1965 and 1969 that contain E tickets and a Mr. Lincoln ticket.

Can anyone direct me to some information on value? I'd like to sell them.

Foreverhome Pet Rescue said...

I have a Junior ticket book from 1955... says $1.25 Junior on the back cover. It has one "A RIDE" and one "C RIDE" ticket intact. Excellent condition. It is the very first printing - before they put letters in front of the numbers. It is numbered "00989." I cannot find another like it anywhere. Trying to find its value.