Friday, December 17, 2010

The Story of TRON

It’s just possible that while you are reading this I’m seeing the grand opening of TRON: Legacy or maybe I’m still in line! As a tribute to the original TRON, here’s a great little book from the See – Hear – Read series.

There’s some pretty good artwork in this book, I’m guessing its original work for this series. Some of the illustrations are dead on accurate, others are so far off its not even funny. If I wasn’t getting prepared for my TRON:Legacy adventure I’d have the audio for you too, I’ll post it soon.

As part of my preparation for TRON: Legacy I watched the original TRON last night. The only copy I have of TRON is on a CED SelectaVision VideoDisc. Don’t confuse this with a LaserDisc (if you saw it playing trust me, you wouldn’t mistake it for laser quality). CED's are actually more like LP’s with video than LaserDiscs. The CED disc spin at 450 rpms and all things equal are slightly better than VHS in video quality but superior in sound having stereo several years before VHS Hi-Fi was introduced. Learn more here (link).

The original movie itself is still great to watch. The story is well told and acted, the special effects hold their own even when shown on a large screen. The light cycle sequence and the tank/battle scenes are just as exciting as they were in 1982. I'm excited about Legacy, lets hope its just as good or better than the original.


TokyoMagic! said...

Neat-O item! Does the audio begin with "You will know when it's time to turn the page, when Tinkerbell rings her little bell like this....." I had a bunch of the read-along records that began that way!

I'm looking forward to the new movie too!

Disney Nametags and More said...

OMG... Selectavision... we had one of those players when I was a kid, in 1979 or so. my father was the manager at an electronics store, and he would bring home the demo units to test out. Our unit was a Zenith something or other. I remember we had a disc that had some Mickey Mouse cartoons on it. I vividly remember sticking the plastic jacket in the slot.. and hearing that wonderful whiirrrr-clink-clunk-whirrrr sound as it loaded the disc and ejected the empty jacket. I played that cartoon disc to death.. eventually it wouldn't play past the middle.

There's an amazing website for CED...

Major Pepperidge said...

Selectavision, it's amazing to me that it actually worked! But then again, I still don't know how the little man inside my flashlight makes the light come on.