Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1969 Disneyland Parade

These press photos are dated 1969. I should know the name of this parade, but being the huge parade fan that I am (not) I have no idea? Fantasy on Parade? Very Merry Christmas Parade?

Richard Burton does a cameo on a horse.

The Candlelight Ceremony, a little dark but hey, its at night!


Major Pepperidge said...

I would bet at least twenty bucks that this was indeed "Fantasy on Parade".

Is the Candlelight Ceremony done one night a year, or is it done several times?

Anonymous said...

It was indeed "Fantasy on Parade". I was in those Christmas parades for six years, starting in 1966. In your first photo showing Santa's float, that is me - the blonde "Glock girl (as we were called because we played the "Glockenspiel") in the very front on the right side of the photo. I am so happy you posted this!

Unknown said...

1. That is NOT Richard Burton on the horse.
2. I was the first Geppetto—with rubber head 36" tall, 11 string Pinocchio marionette. We did two Fantasy on Parades a day, 1967-69.
3. In 1982 my steer theatre company, SAK Theatre, opened EPCOT.
4. 1985 I became a Disney Imaginer.
Loved it ALL!