Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mystery "E" Ticket

These big "E" tickets are a mystery to me. Measuring in at 8" by 3 1/2", these "E" tickets are larger than any real "E" Ticket. The little "resort" word under the Disneyland Logo tell me its not very old.

This must be "Mickey" safety paper, its nice but I prefer the "Globe" safety paper or better yet "Castle & Stars" safety paper like you see on the side boarders of this blog.

C369722 must contain some special meaning since its on every ticket!

If anyone know what these were for, could you let me know?


Eric Scales said...

I know during 2005, the Resort printed quite a few pieces of CM promotional material in the form of vintage tickets. We got large scale ticket books with both green and yellow covers I think, the contents being retrospective historical info and probably CM tributes and things. I don't remember the details though I'm sure I have both lying around here somewhere. Like I said, those were full books and came bound, but I'm sure they found some occasion to print individual tickets like you have there, though I don't remember seeing them myself and can't imagine that many blank ones were released.

Connie Moreno said...

I agree with Eric!

Major Pepperidge said...

I think (but am not positive) that there were note pads that looked like a book of tickets. Perhaps these are loose pages from those? I always thought that they were joined with a flexible glue binding, but can't say for sure.