Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ABCD Tuesday

Today it’s “Back to Basics” with a straight forward “A” thru “D” ticket post. And just because I love Globe Paper so much, you get both the fronts and backs in today’s post.

Up first is a nice “A” Ticket from 1956. See more about the 1950’s "A" tickets on my “A” Ticket post (link).

Also From 1956, this “B” ticket is rare just for its age, but also because it has the limited appearance of “Keller’s Jungle Killers” a 1956 only attraction running from February 19 thru September 5, 1956 and located on former site of the Mickey Mouse Club Circus. On my “B” Ticket post (link) you’ll see the same ticket from 1957, minus the Jungle Killers!

This June 1965 Junior “C” Ticket is on the Green “E” ticket paper! They mixed around the colors on Junior and Child's tickets, one of those things that keeps me awake at night. See more “C” colors tickets here (link).

Last up today is a June 1965 Junior “D” Ticket. This color is all wrong too; it’s not even really a color, its “off white” maybe? It is Globe Paper, but it feels thicker than the others. These also came in yellow and brown (link).

Ah, there’s nothing like a nice look at lettered tickets!

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Jason Schultz said...

I'm endlessly fascinated with the nomenclature. "DMC Horseless Carriage" doesn't appear very often!