Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The "D" Ticket - Part 2 the early 1960's

June 1960 finds the "D" with some significant changes. Added to the "D" ticket and down from a brief appearance on the Original 1959 "E" ticket is; Mark Twain Steamboat, Sailing Ship Columbia and Tom Sawyer Island Rafts ("closes at dusk"). Tomorrowland Autopia was moved from this "D" ticket down to the "C" ticket. And the Astro-jet was kicked down to the "B" ticket, poor thing!

This next one is the kind of stuff that keeps me awake at night. From October 1962, this "D" ticket is missing a couple little things, namely the Sailing Ship Columbia and Tom Sawyer Island Rafts. But they didn't go to another lettered ticket, they are just gone? My only guess is that since these were printed in October, those two attractions were closed for the winter. Or was the Columbia getting refurbished for the "bellow deck museum"? Cool stuff...

Ah, summer time, June 1963, the Columbia and Tom Sawyer's Rafts are back, life is grand! And with a special ticket price of only 27 cents, could it get any better??? It does get better, see the next scan after this one.

The June 1963 ticket above came from this book. I need to do more research on these, but the 20 adventures in Disneyland "Special Guest" books must be rare, I only have a couple in my collection.

The only tickets left in this book were 4 "D" tickets. Ok, I did it, I tore the above ticket out of this book. That's right, I held the left side firmly, then with my right hand I gave it a firm but gentle tug and it snapped right out, just like it was 1963, the perforation was clean and straight.... I think I'll use it for the Mark Twain Steamboat, I want to see the burning cabin.

And from 1965, this is one of the earliest little Guide books of this style that I have. This little guy is in mint condition, and so much fun to read.

Here is the "Rides and Attractions" breakdown by ticket type. I love these little drawings.

If anyone wants the full scan of the guide book let me know, maybe I can post the whole thing on the weekend.

Tomorrow we'll take the customary mid-week break from the series and do something a little different.....


Progressland said...

Let the record show you have one vote for a scan of the full guidebook!

The Columbia Below-Decks Museum wasn't open until February 1964, so I don't think that's the reason for the attraction's disappearance. If the Mark Twain weren't still listed, I'd assume there was a big river refurbishment. I'd never heard of the island closing in the winter!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Wonderful stuff as usual. As for a complete scan of the INA guide...absolutely would love to see the full contents of the guide.

Major Pepperidge said...

Very nice stuff, I do love those INA guides.

Just out of curiosity do you try to get complete ticket books? Those things can get pretty expensive, I know, but there's just something about a nice unused ticket book!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Major! I do try to get complete books, but they are at least $75 and up, WAY up... Yes there is something about hte feel of a clean unused full book, I admit I hold them and get woosy...

Anonymous said...


It wasn't unusual for every attraction to NOT be listed on ABC tickets. There was always a sign detailing the required ticket at the entrance to each ride. At some point, it seemed that they just didn't have room to list all the rides on every ticket - or maybe some rides were just more popular.

In this case, I'll bet the Columbia was up and running. You just had to walk to the dock, hand the ticket-taker a "D," and wait to ride the thing.

I recall that you could ride any attraction listed on your ticket even if the letter had changed. So, if you had an old "D" ticket that listed the Jungle Cruise, you could use that even if the attraction had been bumped up to an "E."

Love the site.