Monday, December 3, 2007

The "C" Ticket - Part 1 the 1950's

Today's post will be a little different. I will confess upfront as to why; my collection seems to be missing a few "C" tickets! Don't get me wrong, I got hundreds of "C" tickets, just none from 1955 to 1957!!!!! I have requested a little help from a couple of other Disneyland ticket collectors, I hope to hear back from them soon. Also, if ANYONE has a "C" ticket from 1955 to 1957, please scan that baby and send it to my blog....

Alright, with that out of the way, lets take a look at my first "C" ticket for the series. It's a June 1958 "C" ticket from the "Jumbo 15" book. This is when there were "A thru D" tickets, so this "C" ticket gets you the second best group of attractions in 1958. Looks like the "C" covered most of Fantasyland.

Let's side track for a moment and look at Disneyland's "New" book with 15 tickets in it. They called it the "Jumbo 15" and let me tell you, it really was Jumbo! Jumbo sized that is! The booklet itself measures 6" x 3 3/8" with this "C" ticket at 5" 3 3/8". I believe this were only sold from June of 1957 to June of 1958.

Here is a neato handout from April 1958:

"Mom, Dad, Children, EVERYBODY! Have MORE FUN for LESS MONEY with DISNEYLAND TICKET BOOKS" Wow, I sure do dig that family! I love Dad's Pipe! Why wouldn't you want the Jumbo Book? Until you try and fit in your pocket!

"The Happiest Place on Earth" indeed...

Back of each Jumbo Book, pretty aren't they?:

Now for June 1959. This was from the first "A thru E" booklet, so there was a major realignment of the attractions on the lettered tickets, some that would not last but a few months as we will see in the 1960's tomorrow.

This ticket is GREEN, just like the "E" Ticket! It's because it is a "Junior" ticket, they got different colors for Junior and Child tickets on and off throughout the run of lettered tickets. No Tomorrowland rides, and the only thing on this "C" ticket and on the 1958 "C" ticket is the "Mike Fink Keel Boats".

Also notice the "Rainbow Caverns Mine Train" it's not in "Natures Wonderland" yet, at when it does, it's straight to "E" ticket!

That does it for 1950's "C" ticket. I apologize for not having 55, 56 or 57 "C" tickets. One of my goals with this blog is to try and gather as much information about these tickets as possible. So please, all contributions are welcome.

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