Friday, December 21, 2007

The "E" Ticket - Part 4 1970 to 1973

999 Ghosts have arrived at Disneyland, they've moved into the Haunted Mansion! Obviously this was an "E" ticket attraction from the beginning and still is today.

This May 1970 "E" ticket is the first ticket I can find with the Haunted Mansion listed. The Sailing Ship Colombia and the Mark Twain Steamboat have traveled to the "D" ticket, where they will remain thru the end of the lettered ticket.

The Mine Train is back on the "E" Ticket, where it will stay until arriving on the "D" ticket in June of 1974! Also, notice the ticket price increase to 85 cents! Side note: Adult and Junior tickets always showed the same individual ticket price (even though the Junior book was cheaper than the Adult book), only the child's tickets showed the lower amounts.

This Child's "E" ticket is from September 1970, the only change from May 1970 is the absence of the Pack Mules thru Natures Wonderland. It's not listed in the back of the ticket book either, was it gone for the Winter, it comes back next year.

And last today, from April 1973, this is the last of the larger style tickets. A final appearance for the Pack Mules thru Nature's Wonderland, packing up for good... And what's this? A NEW land for Disneyland! "Bear Country" add's a sixth realm to "E" ticket, making for plenty of choices. The Country Bear Jamboree is all new, and it's one of the attractions I sorely miss, there was NO reason to removed this attraction, don't even get me started about that stupid pooh ride that belongs in Toontown!

Here is the "Adventures in Disneyland" attraction list from the back of the April 1973 book. WOW, this is the Disneyland of my childhood, can I go back to Disneyland of 1973 for just one afternoon???

This is the back cover of the April 1973 book. This is the last of the larger size book and last of the better quality paper and dual color printing. 1974 brings thin non-glossy single color back covers!

Mom is visiting for the Holiday's so I'm going to skip a few days of blogging. Fear not, I shall return soon with the final part of the "E" Ticket series!


The Viewliner Limited said...

Great stuff as always Tim. On yesterdays post; the SW postcard folder is from 1966. By the way did you still want the Airplane postcards.

watchmanager said...

I have 3 Disney ticket booklets which include tickets from A to E still attached.(see below) which I purchased in 72/73.

One booklet has Ax1. Bx1. Cx2 Dx2 all with serial number T272959 date is Sept 73 (739)

One booklet has Ax1. Bx1. Cx2. Dx2 all with serial number T334955 date is April 72 (724)

One booklet has Ax1. Bx1. Ex4 all with serial number T175269 Date is Sept73 (739)

In addition to this, I have the Disney 34 page guide book for Fall/Winter 1973-74.

The history to these are that I purchased them whilst in the merchant navy in 1972/73/74

All are in very, very, very good condition. The guide has slight age discolouration by the staple fold on the outside cover only.

I am in England.

What is the value of these please and who would be intrested?
Cliff Rust

Unknown said...

I have a E adult 85c ticket. Any idea what it would be worth today?

Unknown said...

Correction, I have a whole ABCDE book unused. Any worth on that?