Thursday, December 20, 2007

The "E" Ticket - Part 3 the late 1960's

The great Castle Paper is back! I really am starting to like it. These are the first of the shorter length ticket, were the "A" tickets are now the longest (link). May of 1967 Saw many changes to the "E" ticket, so many we're going to need a chart to break it down.

Moved to the "D" Ticket (link):

  • SF & D Railroad Trains (with no Fantasyland Station)

  • Mine Train thru Nature's Wonderland

  • Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (Adult tickets on the "D" in 1967 only - Children still Free)

Gone for good, but not forgotten:

New to the "E" ticket:

  • Fresh from the 1964/65 Worlds Fair - It's a Small World (Dave at Daveland's favorite ride!)

  • New to Disneyland - Pirates of the Caribbean (OK, maybe this is Dave's favorite!)

  • Enchanted Tiki Room - Opened in 1963, however tickets were originally sold separately for the Tiki Room

"Mark Twain" here she comes down the Rivers of America, heading right to this May 1968 "E" ticket, with her sister the Sailing Ship Columbia right behind her. They will spend two glorious years on the "E" ticket, then they set sail back down river to the "D" ticket.

May 1969, no changes to report, I just wanted to show the three colors of the "E" tickets again, they are pretty don't you think? Plus this is the last "E" ticket before the "Haunted Mansion" makes it's ghostly appearance.

And I am just tossing this in because I like the Art work. It's not dated, but it looks to be from the early days of It's a Small World. I am not a big fan of the ride, I seem to like the concept art and renditions better than the actual ride, anyone else?

Tomorrow we'll look at the "E" ticket - 1970 to 1973, last of the larger size tickets.


Daveland said...

Tim - I am right there with you on your opinion of Small World! Very cool postcard set envelope!

outsidetheberm said...

You are the ticket 'go to' guy. Really enjoy your collection. Thanks and keep it up!