Friday, December 7, 2007

The "C" Ticket - Part 4 the 1970's

The early 1970's "C" Tickets or Mystery of the Disappearing Attractions!

This September 1970 "C" ticket has several attractions missing that were on the "C" just 3 months before. Alice in Wonderland got bumped down to the "B" ticket. But these others are just plain old GONE, they are even gone from the attraction list in the back, missing are; Fantasyland Autopia, Fantasyland Theatre, Mike Fink Keel Boats, and Adventureland's Big Game Shooting Gallery. WHERE DID THEY GO???? This mystery is killing me!

September 1970 Back of the ticket book:

May 1971 finds all the attractions right back where they belong, as if nothing happened? Someone, please help me figure this out. Was there a lengthy refurb on these attractions? Were they left off by accident (not likely)....

May 1971 Back of the ticket book:

Last of the line for the larger (money size in height) ticket this April 1973 "C" ticket sports the addition on "Adventure Thru Inner Space". This is the first ATIS ticket to be on a lettered ticket, the other ATIS ticket is the special ticket from 1968 I posted yesterday. I believe this attraction was free up until 1973, but I could be wrong, anyone know?????

Notice: Snow White's Adventures is now "Scary".... It wasn't scary before 1973?

First of the little tickets, measuring just 2 x 3 7/8", this June 1974 "C" ticket has the same attractions as the April 1973 ticket above, but I don't like the fonts, they look too light.

I like the fonts better on this June 1975 "C" ticket. See how Autopia is just called "Autopias" in both lands, in 1978 they will loose the "s". This is also the last of the tickets with a printed value. I like the lower and even numbered serial number.

Cool back's of the ticket books in 1975/76 "America On Parade" Always reminds me of America Sings, one of my favorites, oh how I wish.... Don't get me started!

And we will finish up the "C" Ticket series with a nice trio, From top to bottom:

September 1978, the Keel boats & Fantasyland Autopia are gone - again! Also missing is the Big Game Shooting Gallery and Fanstasyland Theatre, but they just moved down to the "B" ticket. Mission to Mars is new to the "C" blasting down from the "D" ticket.

May 1979, the Keel boats & Fantasyland Autopia are back!

September 1980, the Keel boats & Fantasyland Autopia are gone once more! This "last of the Line" C ticket's color looks a tad bit pink.

Well, that does it for the "C" Ticket series, I had a "blast to the past" examining these babies! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!

Next Week, the "D" ticket, even more going on there than with the "C" ticket.

This weekend; something odd on Saturday and Sunday we will be traveling a few miles down the road, stopping at Vintage Knott's Berry Farm to review some classic vintage individual ride tickets!


Jason Schultz said...

The fall 1973 guidebook also starts referring to it as Snow White's Adventures (Scary). A friend of mine who worked in the Park around that time said there were "complaints from a small (but vocal!) organization based in Orange (of all places) regarding the 'supernatural' and 'terrifying' aspects of 'Snow White's Adventures.'" Adding 'scary' to the title didn't appease them much, though!

The Viewliner Limited said...

A always, very nice post. I love this stuff. Looking forward to more. Thank you.

DinsdaleP said...

I have a feeling they were operating less popular attractions on a seasonal basis in the 1970's. That would explain why Keel Boats, Autopia, and the like would be running in May but gone in September, when school started up. Great blog, by the way!