Thursday, December 6, 2007

The "C" Ticket - Part 3 the late 1960's

A "Castle" paper "C" Ticket from May 1967. Peter Pan Flight, Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Snow White have all found there way down from the "D" to the "C" by 1967. For the most part (except poor Alice who gets bumped around a bit), the "Dark Rides" will remain on the "C" ticket until the end in 1982. Swiss Family Tree House is gone from the "C", sliding down to the "B", where it also stays until 1982.

May 1968 Adult "C" Ticket. Tomorrowland jets are gone, Moved up to the "D" Ticket. Why was it still on the "C" ticket above from May 1967? The old jets were long gone by then, with the new ones opening in about a month, odd.. Fantasy land is really loaded up now, with 8 attractions, adding the Mad Tea Party and the Fantasyland Theatre, both upgraded from the "B" ticket in 1967.

the addition of Main Street: Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. This was the first appearance on a lettered ticket. Before this, I believe tickets for Mr. Lincoln were sold separately, for adults that is, it appears kids (child and junior) got in for free.

This is a Junior "C" Ticket also from May 1968, notice it does not have any Main Street - Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Both the Junior and Child ticket books from 1968 to around 1972/73 did not have Mr. Lincoln on the "C", but they actually had separate tickets in the front of the book, see next scan after this "C" ticket.

From the same ticket book of May 1968, this is the special ticket for Juniors to see Mr. Lincoln. Disneyland could have just put Mr. Lincoln on the "C" ticket like they did for adults. They obviously wanted to make this a special event for children and these tickets make it feel special indeed. (Blogger Side Note: My first trip to Disneyland was in 1968, I was 3, it is also my first memory, that's right my very first memory in life is screaming my fool head off when Mr. Lincoln stood up, I ran for the doors and started pulling at the curtains, screaming and crying the whole time, my dad had to pick me up and get out of there quick. FYI - I love it now, I wish Mr. Lincoln would come back)

Also from the same May 1968 Ticket book also has this neat little ticket to Adventure Thru Inner Space. Maybe I'm up too late, but does the wording about how to use this ticket seem confusing? (note the Castle paper ticket, it was mixed in a book with the rest of the tickets being Globe paper!)

This next ticket I do not have a date for. These were sold with General admission tickets, when you were to cheap to by the whole ticket book. Looks like you still got Mr. Lincoln and Adventure Thru Inner space for free.....

Last for today is a undated copy of a Junior general admission ticket with the Mr. Lincoln ticket attached. Notice the serial #!!! This is not my ticket, I wish it was. This copy is from a private source, and the ticket itself has probably never left Disneyland.......

Tomorrow - The "C" Ticket - Part 4 the 1970's - Lots of tickets in part 4!

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