Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The "C" Ticket - Part 2 the early 1960's

Starting off the 1960's we have this nice yellow (or is it goldenrod?) Childs Admission "C" Ticket from June 1960. Tomorrowland is once again represented on the "C" Ticket, with the TWA Rocket to the Moon and Tomorrowland Autopia back down from the 1959 the "D" ticket. Fantasyland also got it's Autopia back from the 1959 "D". Frontierland lost the Mine Trains, upgraded to Natures Wonderland and the "E" Ticket! And a moment of silence for the permanent loss of the Conestoga Wagons......

Back to basic grey, this June 1961 "C" Ticket is almost identical to June 1960 as far as attractions. The only difference is the "Rocket to the Moon" no longer sports "TWA". Was Douglas signed on by June 1961? How come the tickets from 62' to 66' never said "Douglas Rocket to the Moon"?

Notice the The Main Street Shooting Gallery on the 1961 "C" ticket above. This will be its last appearance on any ticket, it will close in January 1962. I have attempted to find a photograph of this attraction and have come up empty handed. Nothing can be found on the Internet. I checked Micechat, folks have asked for photo's but no one has found any.

From some research I did, I see it was inside the Penny Arcade. Here is a Main Street map from the big 1957 Disneyland brochure:

And here is a scan from a daily main gate handout from August 1961:

Therefore I have to conclude it did exist, I wonder why there are no photo's? If anyone has a picture of the Main Street Shooting Gallery or even if you ever saw it in person, please contact me.

October 1962 finds this "C" ticket minus the Main St. Shooting Gallery of course. Tomorrowland Autopia is gone, but Fantasyland Autopia is still there? Dumbo is gone, not on any ticket? Keel Boats gone, off to the "B" ticket. Indian War Canoes are gone too, where did everything go in October 1962, first round of refurbs? Oh, and speaking of Shooting Gallery's, the New Adventureland Big Game Shooting Gallery is open for business!

It's June 1963 and the Tomorrowland Autopia, Dumbo and the Indian War Canoes are back (whew!)... The "Swiss Family Treehouse" is already down from the "D" Ticket, is the novelty already wearing off by 1963? (it never did for me, I miss it so bad!).

And just because I love these little "Ways to Enjoy" Disneyland Ticket pamphlets, here is a cool one from 1964.

Notice the 15 book of tickets isn't JUMBO and more, it's now just Deluxe!

$2.00 each night to see these greats of the big band era, I would go each night!

Next post, The "C" Ticket - Part 3 the late 1960's. In this post we will also take a close look at the Mr. Lincoln Exhibit ticketing.

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The Viewliner Limited said...

This stuff is so cool. I am really glad you are doing this. It is a true timeline of Disneyland attractions. Thanks Tim.