Saturday, February 9, 2008

Family Reunion Free Dinner 1980 - Bye Bye Polaroid

Let’s all have a grand Family Reunion! It’s 1980 and Disneyland is 25 years old, so why not head on down and join the celebration!

To help you enjoy your visit, how about a Family Open House Complimentary Dinner Ticket? I’ll let you pick either September 22, 1980 or September 29, 1980, which ever works best for your time machine. You’ll find me at the Plaza Inn on the 22nd!

Snazzy Guide for the 25th, I had the exact shirt that kid is wearing, Millers Outpost Rocks! The lady on the fare left is scaring me.

*** This news just in yesterday, Polaroid (The presenter of today’s 1980 Guide) has announced they are no longer going to make instant film. (news link). Oh my, this saddens me deeply. I have a few Polaroid Camera’s, I guess they go in the “useless” box along with my Polavison Instant movie camera that I coincidently purchased new in 1980, when they were basically giving them away ***

So, cheer up, and take a look at the “good old days” on the back of this 1980 Guide. Borrow a Polaroid camera free (or Polavison, see, I’m not crazy!) Or best yet, get a full 8 by 10 Family Reunion Portrait on a replica of the Lilly Belle. I still want to see one of these 8 by 10 Polaroid’s, I wonder how they looked?

An now that you have a free Dinner Ticket, your Color Guide, and your free Polaroid Camera, here is a 15 Adventure Ticket book so you can enjoy the rest of your visit in 1980! Remember, 15 tickets and 40+ attractions, “good things come to those who chose wisely

$9.25! Inflation starts to set in. But hey, it’s a $16.60 value, not $16.50, but $16.60!

Tomorrow; Double Complete Guide Book Sunday!!!! As promised early in the week, I will post the entire 1974 Walt Disney World Guide and in honor or Polaroid, I will post the entire 1980 Disneyland Guide shown above…


Major Pepperidge said...

I am going to miss Polaroid too, although I have to admit that the photos were pretty crappy when compared to a regular film camera. In the years before digital cameras took off, I used a Polaroid for photo-reference when I did illustrations, it was invaluable.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Major, I agree about hte quality - Have you seen the Polavison, talk about crappy, whoa, dark, blurry, weak colors... I am curious how the 8 x 10 at DL came out? Ever seen one?

The Viewliner Limited said...

Gee, I am saddened by the news about polaroid. All the cameras will be on Ebay soon or at least at the thrift store. Great dinner tickets. Another one I have never seen before. Looking forward to tomorrow's post. P.S. Thank you for the very nice comment you left on my blog today VDT. It is very much appreciated.