Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tigger's Ticket Tuesday

Who doesn’t love Tigger? He is “the only one” you know! Voiced by Paul Winchell (thru 1990) Tigger seems to make children and adults happy. “He is cheerful, outgoing, competitive in a friendly way, and completely confident in himself” (Wikipedia Link).

From May 1980 it’s “Tigger’s Ticket Book”. This is a complete and unused book filled with fun and value. First lets look at the Main Gate Admission ticket. Tigger looks ready to “bounce”, poor Eeyore looks sad, well, I guess he always looks that way. “Good for adult on day of event only” This “Child/Junior” ticket book must have been sold on special days that also allowed adults to use it, that’s weird!

A $15.80 value for only $6.00, now that is a deal!

Free prize entry coupon. I wonder what the free prizes were???

This “early-bird” coupon is so special that Tigger is doing a dance for us! Currently you can get “early entry” with a multi-day pass, I did it in October and it was kind of cool sliding by all the “regular” guests. But in 1980, this little ticket not only got you in the park early, but during the early-bird “Free play period” you got unlimited use of the attractions! And even after the free play period ended, you could use this ticket for one more ride!

The rest of the book has twelve of these little “Any A thru E Attraction” coupons, two to a page.

Unrelated side post: While attempting to clean my “Blogger Desk” this weekend (Hey, I found a wood surface under all that stuff, who knew!) I found this old newspaper promo from 1955 for Disneyland. Not sure where I got it, I know I’ve seen parts of it before, but of course the front page is missing!

I have two questions if anyone knows, (1) what newspaper is this from and (2) What’s with the “StratoSnak”? Did this become the “Space Bar”? Did the Space Bar have “fully-automatic food service with push button piping hot meals” (that sounds like a vending machine to me)? Neat art work. Was there really an “aluminum pig” also? It’s shown on one of the other pages.

That’s it for today’s Post. T.T.F.N.


Daveland said...

I think the Pig was part of the Kaiser Aluminum exhibit; that's the only thing I can answer! And his name was "KAP."

Major Pepperidge said...

Daveland knows of what he speaks!

"StratoSnak" definitely is in the area where the Space Bar was. It sounds like the original concept for this was an Automat (like Horn & Hardart in New York City), but I believe it was built with conventional counter service with vending machines for things like ice cream sandwiches and other perhaps drinks.

These newspaper inserts were often used in multiple papers. Mine is from the L.A. Times, but I have seen them from the "Herald Examiner" too.