Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Walt Disney World - October 1971 Ticket Book

Welcome to Walt Disney World and The Magic Kingdom” This ticket book is the first stand issue Adult Book for the new Florida Park. Its print date is October 1971. It’s seems that Walt Disney Productions wanted this park to have a more “upscale” look, at least with the tickets!

Notice the stylized letters on the tickets and the curly-cues. And of course The Magic Kingdom got its own special font.

The back of the ticket book is different than Disneyland’s in a few ways; Its vertical instead of horizontal, they include the serial number where Disneyland didn’t, and its for “7” adventures! Even back in 1955 Disneyland books had “8” tickets!

Here is the attraction list. I guess with this skimpy list “7” tickets was enough!

Here are the tickets, A thru E, enjoy.

Back side to show the extra curly-cue’s, how elegant!

Those of you with a keen eye (Progressland) may notice the above “E” ticket is from a Child book and from 1972. My collection is missing an “E” ticket from 1971, every book I’ve gotten has the “E” tickets missing! Sorry for the "inconsistency" but its better than nothing....

Here’s a sneak peak at this weekends “Complete Guide” post, yes it’s back to Florida, 1974!

I am getting excited about my first trip to the Magic Kingdom this summer (link). However, as I study these tickets and Guide book, I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone! Like this Florida place is really some odd “Alternate Universe” for Disneyland fans.


Major Pepperidge said...

That first ticket book has an "E" ticket! I don't really collect stuff from WDW, unless it's very early (or pre-opening), but I would love to get a ticket book from October 1971 (unused, with admission of course)!

Major Pepperidge said...
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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Major - ME TOO!!!! I have never even seen the Oct 71 Admin ticket, but "someday".....

The Viewliner Limited said...

I always liked the the WDW logo. I love this stuff VDT. Great job.

artzypantz said...

I have a ticket booklet that is similar to that shown here, but it's not as fancy. The cover is missing, the top is welcome to disneyland usa and magic kingdom, then has edcba tickets under them in vertical fashion.Its price is adult $5.95 a $12.35 value on back cover in pink. I'd love to find out what year this is from.

artzypantz said...
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artzypantz said...

My ticket book has New Orleans Square on one of the tickets. Its a 15 adventure ticket book. Admission ticket gone, but one ticket of e, & d,three of c, two of b, and one of a, with the back cover.
Anyone have an idea of the year?
I'd so like to know. Its strange there is nothing anywhere on this booklet with a year date.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Artzypantz! If you look at the inside of the back cover, the part that lists the attractions, look at the very bottom, there is a three (or four) digit code. That is the date code "year then month" so April 1976 would be "764" I would guess yours to be from the early to mid 70's. I hope that helps.

artzypantz said...

Hi Vintage! It says 709w
So thats Sept 1970. What would the "w" stand for?
Yes it helps a whole lot! I've been waiting 10 years to find out a date LOL!
Thanks so much!
Enjoy your day!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Artzypantz, yes, your book was printed in September 1970. The "W" denotes a winter version. I suspect there are no "Pack Mules thru Natures Wonderland" on your E ticket, I think they shut it down in the winter in it's later years (it closed in 1973). Neat Book you have there, 1965 and 1970 are my favorite years for Disneyland Tickets! Enjoy...

Anonymous said...

i have a complimentary ticket book with E page still in tact also a entrance ticket and transportation ticket from 1971. is this rare?

Mewhunter67 said...

I know this an older post, but I was wondering if there is anywhere to possibly find someone selling some of the old ticket books (I don't even mind an incomplete one). I'm looking to get an interesting gift for my mom, and some reason, this popped in my head, to get an old ticket book to remind her of her times there as a kid (she jumped on the pin recreation of them).


Anonymous said...

TO Derek that wrote on Dec 12,2009 & wanted some older coupon-ticket books for his Mom asa a gift. I have some from Sept.1970 and Sept. 1974 & 1975 Can discuss price if interested. russ

Hamlin Design said...

I was participated in the opening ceremonies. I was part of the 1076 member marching band. As a thanks, they gave us all 10 ticket books. I still have one of them intact. We also recieved a certificate from Roy Disney and a thank you letter from Meredith Willson. All signed. Our group got to meet Roy Disney just as we were about to leave and head home on our bus. He took the time to shake all our hands. Just our group, not all 1076 people. He seemed like a really nice man! Great memories. Long day though!!!

Anonymous said...

Why were some wdw ticket books given complimentary? And stamped so, on the outside cover?

sanman813 said...

Hey Vintage Disneyland Tickets, I sent you an email but i didnt know if it would be better off in here.. But anyways I found your blog about vintage Disney world tickets. I been looking everywhere for information on value of 1971 Walt Disney World ticket books. I have two ticket books completely intact no tickets missing. Perfect condition!! It looks like they been stored in book all these years. Would you know how much they are worth and where to sell them. I know I can get in the park with them but if I can make out better by selling them then why not.. Thank you for any info you can give me...

michele said...

I found old tickets in great shape. Three "E" coupons, two "D" coupons, one of each of the "C, B, A" coupons. Three digit code on inside back cover says 729, So that's September 1972, right? Anyone know where I can sell them and about how much are they worth? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me the value of the Ticket booklets from 1970s? I see some comments above but cannot seem to find out if they are worth a lot and if I should sell them. Can't find info online either.

Cory said...

Can you get into the Walt Disney World with one of these ticket books from the 1970's my grandma said we could have them for our trip and use them. I dont want to be rejected at the gate and not have budgeted for that. They are Walt Disney World tickets from 1974.

Anonymous said...

I have three books of tickets from 1972, and 1973. The ticket book from 1972 has ticket E,D and A intact, and the books from 1973 one book has tickets D, B, and A intact and the second ticket from 1973 has B and A left. I can use them but I think that antique value will be of more value and I would like to sell them. I would think that their value would or should be more than what the ticket price of admission is now. If interested contact

Anonymous said...

I have a ticket book 1971 with the tickets still attached They're number ST193258 Contact me if you can give me information.

Unknown said...

I have a complete ticket book. June 1965 for Starlite, PM attractions. Good condition. A-E two tickets each = 10 total.
Could you please tell me the value of this ticket book?
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I have multiple booklets / single E tickets from the early 70's. They are all in great condition no damages and i am looking to sell them. How can I find out what they are worth?
Can anyone assist me in finding this information for me. thank you

Anonymous said...

hi...i have had this booklet of tickets from the moment i bought them
a week before DISNEY WORLD OPENED I believe the booklet is from 1970
and i think i bought them in June of that year possibly July or August
I am not able to find that code that is suppose to be in the inside cover of the last
ticket. all that is visible is the ticket stamped sequence number which
reads S412037 nad the THE Magic Kingdom and 8 Adventures has the price
listed as 5.75 (a 9.95 value) the ticket has a selling price of $5.52 + .23 (state tax)=$5.75
Does anyone know how to ascertain the age of this ticket or can tell me where to look for the date code i just don't see one listed other than the sequence number listed above and where would i find a current value if there is on of this intact tickets EDCBA

Unknown said...

If anyone is interested please email
I have 2x WDW 1971 ticket books with "D" "C" and "B" tickets in each of them. Exact same book that is shown here. ST704733 & ST532143

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Jsumner said...

I have tickets from my parents trip on Oct 2, 1971 yo MK. Can anyone tell me about the “serial number” stamped on the back? IE: ET 116983