Thursday, February 7, 2008

Using the AP - Today

Today’s post is very short because I am on my way to Disneyland!!!! It’s going to be such a nice day here I just had to give my Annual Pass a workout!

I just received this nice letter from Disneyland yesterday, it too made me want to go to the park!

Ok, the only issue I have with this nice letter is it was mailed from FLORIDA!!!! Oh well, “One World Disney”….


Thufer said...

have a wonderful day and enjoy.

Dracocasage said...

I have Disney ticket book from 1975 it's missing the A & C tickets it has 3 E 3 D and 1 B iin really good condition . My grandfather helped build Disneyland when it first started he passed away many years ago and he gave me a lifetime pass I just can't seem to find it. Back 2 the ticket book can you tell me what it's worth I've seen some on eBay but still not sure about the one I have on the back of it it says June 14th 1975 through September 6th 1976 it's an adult book priced at $6 shows the value of $11.15 thank you and have a wonderful day