Thursday, January 10, 2008

Walt Disney World - Florida Here I Come

Today's post is delayed and short but sweet. I was busy during my normal "blog creation" time yesterday because I was booking my final arrangements for my trip to Walt Disney World this summer!!!! Oh boy am I exited. I have never even been to Florida. The Magic Kingdom has been calling my name since 1971 and I finally get to answer.

So in honor of my up coming Florida adventure, here is a nice Unused 1979 Magic Kingdom 8 Adventure book. This book has all of it original tickets including Admission and the Transportation Ticket. I guess you can't just park your rent-car at the lot and walk (or Tram) in to the front gate. Hmmmm, fascinating.

$7.50 for a Child in 1979, that's a little bit more than the 10 ticket book for a Child at Disneyland. I think WDW always had slightly higher prices and less tickets in the book than Disneyland. Oh and there were less attractions. Why the higher price? That's a future posts subject all by itself.

During the next few months, I will from time to time be sprinkling my blog with Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center and the rest. Yes I collect that stuff too. Florida Here I Come!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a trip to the past! I just found 2 books from a trip I took with my father the first year of WDW. You might be right about the fewer attractions. The books are both 8 Adventure books (+ transportation). There are 3 E's, 2 D's and 1 A left. Can't imagine now why I didn't use them then. Oh, the price was $5.25 for Juniors and $5.75 for Adults.

If you want a scan of them, you can email me at I wonder if I can still use them :)

C.L. Rogers said...

wow, a blast from the past. I don't know when they quit using these but it must have been the mid 1970's.

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