Sunday, January 13, 2008

Knott's May 1971 - Gold Nugget "A" & Silver Dollar "B"

"Howdy Friend!" Since our last post was Disneyland in May of 1971, let's visit Knott's Berry Farm, circa May 1971. I'll try to keep this post "text light" since it's "scan heavy". Also see previous Knott's Post "Sunday Brunch at Knott's"

While Knott's ticket books at this point were the same size as Disneyland's, they have lettered tickets, a welcome message and Globe paper, there are some significant differences.

First you'll notice The welcome message is of course more "Old West" style. It encourages "Good American Fun" I like that message!

Knott's only had two lettered tickets in 1971. This is the "A" ticket or "Golden Nugget" ticket. This is the better of the two tickets, Knott's lettered ticket values were always the reverse of Disneyland. Isn't the prospector cute? Or is he scary?

The "B" Ticket or "Silver Dollar" Ticket is for all the "lesser" value attractions.

Inside of the back of the ticket book. Not just an attraction list like Disneyland, but you get a mini map, which is not really to scale, but you get the general locations.

Back of the back. I love that family, dad's cool with his pipe. Date code of "715" on the lower right.

Here is the guide map that shows the same price as the Ticket book. It's not dated anywhere that I can find, but it must be around 1971.

It opens up to a large map, so I scanned it in two parts. It's a weird map because the orientation is with North at the top (which is how most maps work) but the park looks sideways to me like this, the entrance should be at the bottom (like Disneyland maps). It is fun to look however!

And just because I like these old post cards of the "Gold Mine" here you go. Hey Knott's experts; What time period are these from and are they both the same place just different angles?

I enjoyed our little Sunday trip to Knott's, I hope you did as well.

Back to the park tomorrow.


Chris Merritt said...

The first postcard is likely from the late 40s - I'd say the second is from the early to mid 50s. That first shows Aunt Nellies Cabin, which opened in 1949 - the secons is looking down into the Gold Mine, which opened in '47. But look at the top of the postcard, you can see her cabin up there in the background...
I always thought that "sideways" map was weird too! They usually don't orient it like that.

The little miner character is 'Whittles' - who was also a terrifying walk-around character for a time. Russell Knott told me he scared the hell out of the children, so they discontinued him...

The Viewliner Limited said...

An absolutely fantastic post VDT. Very much appreciated.

outsidetheberm said...

Guess now we'll have to dig out all the weird 'Whittles' stuff! Wait until you see a picture of that walk-around character. Will try to round up a picture - unless Chris has one more handy.

Chris Merritt said...

I have a few - but I am saving them for the book!

Anonymous said...

I never liked Whittles. He was sort of the unofficial mascot of Knott's in the late 60's-early 70's. There were so many better characters/employees who stood out at Knott's (Chief Red Feather, hello!) that Whittles just reminded me of a homless person with a beard who never bathed. I stood next to him when I was 5 and he just didn't do anything for me.

Diana K. Kelly said...

Hi all --

FYI I was the very first Whittles, and I'm sorry you didn't like him! Some of the very little kids (usually age 5 and under) got scared of Whittles in the same way that little kids are scared of Santa Claus. I was always careful not to approach very young children, but sometimes their parents pushed the poor little kids toward Whittles, and then they'd start screaming! Then there were the older kids who liked to kick and punch Whittles. When a couple of Knott's family members observed this, I got a bodyguard. Whittles was supposed to be a happy little guy, and that's how I tried to portray him from inside the costume.

Here's more info about Whittles on two websites:


Diana (Kirchen) Kelly
(aka - first Whittles 1973, Annie Oakley 1973-77, first Knott's Haunt witch 1973, and first Knott's Disco DJ 1976!)

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