Saturday, January 12, 2008

Magic Kindom Club Books - Disneyland May 1971

"A member of Disneyland's Magic Kingdom Club is entitled to special privileges offered exclusively to club members only". The main special privilege was that you could get a deal on ticket books! You would get a slightly lower price on the book. Sometimes you got a few extra tickets and other times the books had Magic Key tickets, good for any A thru E attraction. In a future post, we'll learn all about the "Magic Kingdom Club" and even review some sales propaganda, oh I mean literature! (Is anyone noticing I throw out these "future post" comments a lot? I think I better start a list!)

This May 1971 set of tickets books offered a discounted price and two extra tickets. They had the usual A thru E tickets. If either of these books had any tickets left, I might be able to find out what those extra two tickets were. But oddly, while both of these books have the admission ticket attached (rare in itself), they are otherwise empty as can be, not even a lonely "A" ticket. How did this happen? Maybe some members didn't go and gave their ticket books to those that did? Or? You know this stuff keeps me awake at night!

Here's the back, showing the stupendous value you got by being an exclusive member. Pardon the folds, someone committed a sin and folded these in half!

For comparison, below is an Adult Book (non Magic Kingdom Club) also from May 1971. 20 cents higher than the Adult "Club" book above, plus (or rather minus) it has two less tickets. This book however, has never been folded.

And last up today, the "Adventures in Disneyland" list from the back of the Adult "Club" book. I don't know about you, but I just love to read these things and imagine away...

Tomorrows post? That's a mystery still to be solved.....

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Anonymous said...

I have 4 magic key books. 2 books with admiss and 11 adv adult and 2 books adm and 10 adv adult and child if you could tell me more info maybe what year email me