Saturday, January 5, 2008

Magic Mountain - 1975

Today we travel about 60 miles north of Disneyland or "2 Gallons North of Hollywood" to Magic Mountain. For those readers not from Southern California or not familiar with Magic Mountain see my post about opening day May 29th, 1971. (Link)

For today, let's pretend it's sunny and warm like the front cover of this wonderful brochure from May 1975.

Supposedly Magic Mountain and it's "Our one price includes unlimited use of all rides..." policy from opening day is one of the contributing factors as to why Disneyland had to finally adopt the same policy, and lost the A-E tickets in order to remain competitive. One thing is for certain, Disneyland's tickets also has more class and actually look and felt like they were worth something. This ticket is cute, but it's just normal card stock paper and pretty basic.

That said, I have always dug the Wizard and the trolls; Blop, Bloop and Beep. I'm glad they made it on the ticket. $5.95 for an adult is about the same cost of a Disneyland Adult Admission and 10 Adventures book in 1975. Why do I like low serial numbers, are they really any different???

Your Guide to Magic Mountain. If you ever went there in the 1970's, why don't you study this map? It will bring back fun memories...

This brochure is HUGE, when fully open it's approx. 15" by 22", way out of range for my little scanner so I scanned it as best I could. The next two scans are the top left and right sides, sort of a day and night thing.

Daytime fun! I want the Metro Monorail back so bad it keeps me awake at night! It's all there still, the track, the trams, the stations. BRING BACK THE METRO!

Night time activities. Yes, that's Doc Severinsen!

Four new additions for 1975. Here's the first three; The Grand Centennial Excursion Railroad was Great, gone in 1985. Portal House, must still be there, remodeled I am sure. Oh, and some little Roller Coaster that has a LOOP! Too bad it did not make the Winter 1975 completion date, it opened in 1976. I wonder why it was delayed?

And forth of the new attractions, the Magic Pagoda. This has got to be one of the weirdest places in a major amusement park. It was a fun house of sorts. I don't remember it all, but here is what I do remember. It's a walk thru attraction that starts in a maze of mirrors and bad lighting, I've been lost in there for at least 15 minutes, next some freaky Buda statute, not sure what the point was there, I was kid I might be missing parts of this. Then there is a huge dark room with strobe lights and a dragon flying around the ceiling on a concealed track (this room was famous for, um, closeness with your date) then off to some odd little glass chamber where you could get in and then everyone else on the other side of the glass would witness you disappear then reappear. Man that place was just weird.

Here's Bloop (or is it Bleep or Blop?) telling how the 70's folks should get high, "On Fun" It's a cool message, an area Disneyland never traveled into. I wonder why this little bird has an exclamation point over his head?

Tomorrow is ----------> "Random Sunday" See you then......


jedblau said...

Fantastic! I live in the shadow of Magic Mountain and often wonder what, if anything is left from those early days. The tram track, the tower, the carrousel and some fountains, I guess. GREAT post!

Major Pepperidge said...

Holy crap, I had totally forgotten about the Magic Pagoda (did it eventually change its name to the Pearl Pagoda?)!

It was strange alright, but I always loved it. I totally remember the flying dragon, the strobes (and neon signs), an indoor waterfall, trippy music, the mirror maze, and the glass chambers. Again, not much to it, but it was cool. Didn't you have to take a little funicular railroad up to it?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Ah ha I knew there were more wierd things in there! The Neon signs were freaky so was the music! Indoor waterfall rings a bell too, did it have something to do with that huge Buhda?

Yes the Funicular (still there!) was the easy way to get to the Magic Pagoda. Or you would hike up the back side of the mountain Or take the Dragon Tram - I've got pictures of that somewhere, both of its stations still exist, one is the loading area for Nija and the lower one just sits empty and hidden between gold rusher and spin out (spin out is leaving soon I hear!)

Thanks for the memories major!

Jeff said...

I remember the Magic Pagoda too. Anyone have iny pictures from the interior?

Unknown said...

I remember being about 5 or 6 years old going through the magic pagoda. I was with my parents .The building is still there by the ninga entrance. The main thing I remember was the mirrors everywhere. My mom almost had a heart attack when a statue of a monster suddenly apeared behind a mirror. I think there waere workers dressed like gehsia walking around not quite sure about that part but it's all alittle cloudy .

Riccardo said...

That was the first year I went.

The Magic Pagoda building is used at Halloween for one of their haunted walkthroughs.