Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Stub" Style Tickets - Part 2 Ride Tickets

Today lets take another look at the "stub" style of Vintage Disneyland Tickets. My first post regarding these tickets took a close look at how these were used and a close up of my Skyway to Fantastyland Ticket. Since my collection is lacking with these type of tickets Major Pepperidge over to was kind enough to scan and share these from his personal collection, Thank You Major!

Check these out, Major has some NICE samples here. All are extremely rare. Any of these tickets that are not "torn in half" are valuable just because they were never used. Think about it, these were only purchased inside the park and with the express intent to use them right away. Unlike leftover "A" tickets in a used ticket book, it would be rare to bring these home, most I have seen are just the 1/2 you get to keep after you use it.

Some of these have very low serial numbers. They may have "reset" the numbers for each roll of tickets or each ticket booth, but still, low serial number just do IT for me....

Here is a close up of Major's Monorail stub ticket. Interestingly, the "260" on the bottom back of the ticket does not mean February 1960. I have seen the "260" on lots of these tickets and Disneyland Parking tickets, not sure what it means, but it's not a date code. What do you think the "H1" was for?

Here is a scan of one of my little stub tickets, this one is similar to Major's Monorail ticket above with the exception of the left side, it's an "Exchange Ticket". What does that mean? Exchange for what? And who's idea was it to use red ink on red paper!!!!! Oh and what does "H2" mean?

My new scanner is still DOA, it just blinks and clicks, I have to return it to Fry's today, wish me luck!

See you on tomorrows post!


Matterhorn1959 said...

Many years ago there was a dealer at one of the Disney shows who had ended up with the collection from a ticket taker from Disneyland. In the collection were lots of examples and sample tickets including the strip tickets. All were low serial numbers.

Your exchange ticket was if you rode the Monorail to the hotel, got off and had your hand stamped. You would then get the exchange ticket to get back onto the Monorail without having to use another one of your tickets.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

A “ticket takers collection” Yikes, that’s the stuff I dream about. Do you recall the prices? Was he selling entire strips of tickets?

Thanks for the info on the Exchange ticket J. The person who got this ticket must have never used it to get back to Disneyland.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Hey Tim- please send me an e-mail and I will fill you in on the ticket collection as well as the Ticket King.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Matterhorn! Here is my New Email address:

Thanks so much!

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