Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The "E" Ticket - Part 2 1962 to 1965

Today lets look at the three different colors the "E" ticket was printed on. Going back a couple months from where we left off yesterday, this June 1962 "E" child ticket is I guess "tan" in color. There is a little bit of smearing on the ink on the word "thru" for the Mine Train, that's fairly rare. Generally, all of these tickets were printed even and consistent, pretty amazing since it was obvious they would only be used once. As you can see they have held up well for over 40 years.

June 1963. This would be "pink", I would think "junior" boys (12-17) weren't real keen on holding pink tickets! Maybe the Junior ticket should have been tan and the child's ticket pink? Maybe no one ever thought about it but me! Fantastyland Station is gone for good from the tickets. I hear it didn't close until 1966, I wonder whey it's gone, maybe they just need room for....

Papotin's Revue (6 shows daily. Start 3pm - Summer 1963 only). Yes I know you've been waiting patently for this show to arrive at Disneyland and now it's finally here! This odd show (link) played in the Fantasyland Theater daily after "Jack and the Bean Stalk" played until 3pm. (as shown on the 1963 "B" Ticket)

Back to Basic Green for June 1964! Papotin's Revue has packed up and move on. And I guess the Fastasyland Station is open but not on the this ticket. Maybe they knew it was going to close soon.

And we'll finish off today with a June 1965 "E" Ticket sporting a new price of 60 Cents! (Special ticket book price 43 cents, you saved 17 cents using Disney's ticket book plan!) Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is all new to Disneyland, and it will cost adults one of these precious "E" tickets. As we learned in the "C" ticket series, Juniors and Children originally got a separate ticket in their book that let them see the show for free. I love this little detail about the free shows, I like to think Walt wanted to be sure the younger generation saw this show.

Tomorrow; We'll take a break from the "E" ticket series and have a review of the Replica 1959 Ticket Book from the new Disneyland Secrets DVD.


Jason Schultz said...

The information on the Fantasyland Depot closing in 1966 came from the WD Archives... but it could be wrong! It's not in the late 1965 guidebook you just posted.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

It makes since that it could be open beyond 1963. I know they moved the tracks north at some point when they added Small World, I would think the FL train station was around until that point.

Does anyone know when the Tracks where moved north? And was the Fastasyland Station there until the moved them?

Disneyana World said...
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