Saturday, December 15, 2007

Club 33 Ticket? And related items

A few years back I won an auction on EBay that had no photo's (always risky), it just said "Club 33 Ticket and souvenirs". It went out for just few bucks and I'm not sure what to make of this ticket?

(Start the violin music here) Since I have never been to Club 33 I wouldn't know what a ticket to the Magic Place looks like. Therefore, if someone who has been to the Club and knows what this ticket is for, or when it is from, please let me know.

Not much detail, the back is blank. It's a big ticket at 7" x 3 1/2. It has no date stamp, do you think it's still valid? And valid for what exactly?? Neat Castle silhouette.

Maybe these Napkins can help date this stuff, I'm guessing it's not very old.

And some plastic goodies and matches! Can you smoke as well as drink in Club 33?

Something extra here, just cause it seems to go with the Club's location. This is a 3D postcard from October 1969, large also at around 6" 1/2 x 5". The 3D effect is odd, a little different than the typical 3D photo's I've seen before from this era. The scan came out OK, sorry, I am not a scan master.

Back side. It doesn't sound like Pauline is having a great time at "this place"... Oh man, Postage Due 1 Cent!!!!

Last, and since I am totally off on a non-ticket related tangent, here is a neato little bag from New Orleans Square, late 60's I would guess. It has the slick foil texture on the outside and paper on the inside, like the good old style of wrapping paper.

Sunday, check for the 1965 INA Guide book post....


Jason Schultz said...

The bright blue paper item is, I'm fairly certain, a parking ticket. It looks to me like something I saw in the second half of the 1990s, but it could have been in use before or after. Looks like the eBay seller picked up all the free stuff but didn't swipe the pen!

I don't know about in the past, but these days the Club 33 tickets (and these are tickets for admission to the Park; no tickets are presented at the Club) are on the same ticket stock as everything else. People go to the Guest Relations Window and get them printed on arrival. I think they have the party name printed on them. I do not know if in the distant past they might have been more unique and interesting. I'd really like to see what the club membership card (that works for admission to the Park) looks like. Anyone?

The bag is neat!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Club 33 stopped giving out matches in the mid 1990's. The ticket is the parking ticket that would allow a member or guest of Club 33 to park close to the entrance. It would have been placed on their vehicle. The membership cards I have seen (and own one) look like credit cards. The early ones look like old Bank Americards with raised lettering and signature on the back.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW a parking ticket! I didn’t think it was to get in, but a parking ticket had not occurred to me. I wonder why they didn’t print “parking ticket” on it????

Progressland I think I have seen a more modern Club 33 ticket on eBay and your right, they don’t look very special, just regular ticket stock, too bad….

Matterhorn1959 says: “(and own one)” WELL????? Any chance we can see it?

Christopher said...

The Blue Club 33 "ticket" is for parking, but rather than it being any kind of admission media to the parking lot, it was placed on your windshield at the lot entrance so that as you drove through the lot, all the cast members directing traffic would easily be able to identify the guest as a vip and direct them to the closest parking areas of the lot, much in the same way they used to place a bright yellow tag on vehicles that needed to be directed to the disabled parking close to the gate.