Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Brunch at Knott's

Setting the way back machine way back, today we take a look at some of Knott's Berry Farm's individual attraction tickets. At one time, Knott's had was free of any admission charge. In 1968, the Knott family fenced in the farm and charged admission for the first time.

Prior to 1968, the attractions that cost money each had there own tickets. These tickets were obviously made with the intent to be kept as souvenirs. I don't have dates for any of these, and I am no Knott's expert (but I know experts are out there). If anyone know the dates of these please let me know.

First up, for 35 cents, the Burro Ride! I'm thinking the Pack Mules thru natures Wonderland (closes at dusk) is a better deal, even at 50 cents!

Now, The Haunter Shack! I loved this place, I thought it was pure magic! Maybe Supernatural, maybe Knott!!! Who wrote these things? I love it!

Nice Legend detail on the back...

My absolute favorite attraction at Knott's! I was very young when I saw this, and I wanted that tiny TV for years!

Back detail; 'Tis a Small World Have Fun!

And lastly, let's take a ride on the Cable Car Tour! I have seen pictures of this and it looks fun! I have some old maps that show it also ran thru most of the parking lot at one time, nice tram! Notice the Globe Paper

Now to dust of my boots, and head a few miles down the road to Disneyland, I've got a pocket full of "D" Tickets to use all next week!


Reverend Dan said...

Thank you for posting all of these incredible items. Keep up the good work!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Nice work Tim. Never seen any of these before. Tomorrow I will post the American Airlines "Astrojets" postcards. Not he ones from Disneyland LOL.

Chris Merritt said...

Fun! Knott's had some of the most entertaining tickets out there. You need to post the original Mine Train Ride ticket!

Chris Merritt said...

Tim - can you shoot me an email? It is -
(remove the dashes)

c-d-y-l-a-n-m- at


- Chris

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I'm glad folks like these... I have lots more.... Lots of Mine Train one's too!!! Chris, I'm emailing you now :-)

Anonymous said...

I grew up in huntington beach and the train tracks were right behind our house. The train ran from los angeles to long beach traveling right down pacific coast hwy.
The train moved so slow that my brother and I would walk to catch it when it was headed back inland. We would get off near Knott's Berry Farm and spend the day there. The burro ride was between the mine ride and the haunted shack. They were there up till 1967. Where the covered wagons are was completely open for the public to use. When I was down in orange county in 2006 they had them all boarded up and only use them now for the wild west shows. It was picnic area back then. We would take a lunch and could eat there without any problems. In 1965, while there with my 5th grade classmates, Dick Clark was filming a segment for his american bandstand show and was amazed at how our teacher could keep us all in line. Little did he know that we were standing there because 3 of the boys from the class were missing. He walked over to the bottle house and sat in one of the rocking chairs that was there and had me and my best friend sit with him and tell us all about our day at knott's and what we had learned. I didn't really know who he was at the time and didn't know till I got home and told my family what had happend.I am in agreement about motts minitures I could spend hours in there just lookin at all the different things. The bird cage theater was another great place. The graveyard behind the ferrier shop (now gone, the shop not the graveyard) is now cemented in. Back in 1967 it was all dirt with the headstones just propped up. Vandals and curiosity seekers changed all that too. I also remember there was only the mexican hats ride and the swan ride in the lagoon that is around the little white chapel. Where the stone tunnel was where all the missions and the story of the pilgrims was depicted is also gone. I now live in gold country in northern california and have history surrounding me every day. It's kinda like living at knott's minus the chicken, berries, and the cement. Love it. Of course you have to know that mott's minitures moved down the street by the wax museum. Another icon of buena park. Remember the model T's that you could ride around outside of knotts. I had the honor of meeting Mrs. Knott's at the chicken restaurant many times when the family would go on the weekends. She was a fabulous lady. My husband worked for her many years later and always had the most respect for her. Anything else you need to know.....???

Anonymous said...

my email is I would like to know where I can sell a couple of disneyland ride ticket books from 1969 that were purchased with blue chip stamps by my mom. 1 book is missing 1 e ticket and 1 d ticket. The other one is complete minus the admission ticket...any help will be greatly appreciated as my truck is stuck at the repair shop till I can pay her bail and get back on the road to so. cal. to see my son and my 3 brand new triplet grandbabies....sigh..
leissa george

Anonymous said...

I'm Leissa who left you that stuff about knott's and mott's minitures....thanks so much for the