Saturday, December 8, 2007

Magic Mountain - Inaugural Guest Preview Day

Since we've been focusing on Disneyland tickets all week, lets take a one hour trip north from Disneyland this Saturday morning. Let go to Valencia, California, May 21st and 22nd, 1971!

Magic Mountain will open to the public on May 29th, 1971, but we are getting a sneak preview one week before. This ticket was never used, someone missed out on a very cool opportunity! I wonder what the "National Assistance League Enchanted Evening" was all about? "Gourmet Dinner and Champagne" Sign me up! Reiss Davis (Huh?) Preview day 12pm to 10pm, where do I check in????

Here is a compete scan of the brochure that came with this ticket. This is from before the park was even open.

My scanner isn't big enough to scan the entire front. it opens up as one big picture. I had to break it into two scans, but you get the idea. This is amazing art work, I love the early 70's feel, not too much detail, but enough to get the mood and look they were aiming for.

Inside, these artist renditions are great! Reminds me of the first Disneyland tour book from 1955, when there weren't any pictures to take yet since notice was finished until the last minute."Family Funland" interesting how Six Flags is currently trying to reinvent what they once had.

This is the Magic Mountain I remember well. My Grand parents took me and my brother to Magic Mountain in June 1971, all that Valencia grass and no shade! Magic Mountain being just a few miles from where I grew up and still live, I have spent every summer of my childhood there. Too bad I can barely recognize the place today....

Tomorrow, We are going back south, down interstate 5, almost to Disneyland, but we are going to spend the day at Knott's!


The Viewliner Limited said...

Altough Disneyland will always be the ultimate amusement park for me. There were many other things to do in SoCal. Magic Mountain was an excellent new experience in amusement. I love the brochures. Great job Tim. Thanks.

jedblau said...

This is the coolest friggin' thing. I live about 3 miles from MM...I wish it still looked like this.

jedblau said...

Didn't know you also lived in the Santa Clarita Valley. Glad to know I'm not the only crazy one within 10 miles.

Chris Merritt said...

Cool! Dave Constable of P.O.P. fame did a lot of the renderings in that brochure...

Anonymous said...

Hi, You have a great page. My Father worked for Chevron and had Magic Mountain - Inaugural Guest Preview Day passes. Our car overheated going up Interstate 5 that day so we never made it. Guess you could possbly have one of our tickets. Anyway we went the day after opening day and it seemed that wat was running had such long lines and everything else was broke down. Anyway the 7o's were GREAT in MM. By 1979 I was working there for two summers and weekends in between. And some of those Concerts, Ha ha... Bay City Rollers, How funny now... We played PONG and Pac-Man on video games in the employee cafe. Good ol days!

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