Friday, January 29, 2010

Your Role with Disney & Mickey Wants You!

On August 5th, 1977 Card Walker sent this letter to the Members of the Disney Family. I think it’s a “welcome” letter, but it doesn’t really come out and say that.

Your Role with Disney” is a nicely produced 24 page brochure.

Again I can’t tell if these are for new or existing employees, probably both. Disney looked like a great place to work; I wonder if it still is?

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire Brochure.

Also included with the Card Walker letter & Your Role brochure are 9 photocopied pages with some interesting facts. You can down load the 9 page .pdf file here (9 pages - 8mb).

This Brochure is not dated but must be newer than 1977 as it predicts EPCOT’s opening (correctly) as October 1, 1982 or did they know that five years ahead of time?

This brochure is a glossy high-production value deal, the paper feels like it’s made from sheets of vinyl.

Nice concept art!

More dreamy concept art.


Major Pepperidge said...

The letter from Card Walker is neat; my copy of "Your Role With Disney" is damaged, I should look for a better copy... it makes you wish you could have worked for the company back then!

Katella Gate said...

LOL... by "Disney Family" I foolishly thought it was a letter sent to Lillian and the kids...

It turns out it's just code talk for "Disney Corp wage slaves".

Mark said...

Yet another amazing post! How do you do it???


Anonymous said...

Your Role With Disney was a new booklet for new-hire orientation. Over the years, it was typical to send copies of the new booklet to all Cast members. I have a number of the different booklets received every time they were updated.


Anonymous said...

That Ryman concept piece for Tokyo, is def in my top 5 pieces done at WDI.

edward heib said...

I worked there in 78, a horse drawn streetcar driver, at the ponyfarm dept.main street was fun to work, and trainning those horses to pull the street cars, was neat.