Friday, January 8, 2010

Kal Kan Kennel Club at Disneyland - 1972/74

Today’s post is in honor of Disneyland’s Kennel Club which is currently getting remodeled along with an addition of a stroller/wheel chair rental center and a new Annual Passport center (link). I recently saw the progress in person; the front looks nice, just like the Main Gate roofs, the back of the Kennel however looks to be the same old building.

From 1972, you are welcomed to the club, the Kal Kan Kennel Club. The certificate and the membership card are shown in this post, but the coupon for the free Kal Kan pet dinner is missing and was probably used.

Michelle” was one lucky dog, here’s her certificate from November 15, 1972.

Not only did Michelle got to visit to Disneyland’s Kal Kan Kennel Club again on May 7, 1974, it appears she changes owners and even the new owner knows how to pamper their pup.

Michelle was accepted as a lifelong member of the Kennel Club!

Only Kal Kan has earned this really cool gold seal!

Here’s Michelle’s lifelong membership card.


Major Pepperidge said...

That Kal Kan place sounds sweet; I'm going to wear a doggie disguise and stay there - I'll save big money!

SundayNight said...

Wow, even pets got neat-o goodies at Disneyland.

Katella Gate said...

Was there a special criteria for getting a "lifelong membership?" Was it three visits, or did they just change the vocabulary when the changed the certificate?

Anonymous said...

That wasn't just any dog, I think that was Al Taliaferro's dog.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't an owner change, Al's wife Lucy may have remarried and gained a new last name.

TokyoMagic! said...

Fun post! And interesting info about who might have owned Michelle. "Only one pet food in the world has earned this seal - Kal Kan." Ha...didn't they "earn" it because they "paid" for the sponsorship of the Kennel? Very cool items usual!