Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saturday Evening Post - November 17, 1956

Welcome to Magazine Monday on Tuesday. I hope you’re ready for a Mega-Magazine post, Major, I hope you got all liquored up for this one! From November 17, 1956 it’s The Saturday Evening Post. This issue features the first of an eight part series, “My Dad, Walt Disney” by Diane Disney Miller. You probably won’t be seeing all eight parts here; I think I’ve only got five issues.

This photo of Walt and his family looks like a painting. I’ve noticed Mrs. Disney liked her sun glassed. I really like the Post’s logo box and Founded in 1728 by Ben Franklin” tag line, classy publication.

Great 1950’s animation! Walt with a full load of guests, do you think they each paid 10¢ (or an “A” ticket)?

This photo has been shown elsewhere, but it sure is great shot.

Four more pages of text follow. Diane gets very detailed in this series, plenty of her words have be “recycled” in later years as truths about Walt. I think somewhere on the internet you can find the text from all eight parts.

The Too-Proper Young Man”. I haven’t had time to read this yet, but wow, the illustrations are amazing. If anyone is interested in the rest of this article, let me know and all post it on Bonus Sunday.

Another wonderful article, beautifully illustrated and American to the core. “Yet if America is to remain free, U.S. military Air Power must continue to be superior to that of any potential aggressor”.

Are you ready for some vintage advertisements? How about fifteen of them? Yes I went nuts on the ads from this magazine, to be honest, I left some gems out, I had to because my scanner was smoking!

General Motors had three double-page ads that are my personal favorites in this issue. These are some incredible machines; IMHO these are the pinnacle of “50’s” styling for GM. 1958 would see a dreadful complete makeover for GM's Five (link) that would take a few years to recover from.

Love those colors!

Long, low and wide. "When better cars are built, Buick will build them"

Ford, “at the low Ford prices” had a whole different approach than GM. It has that “Touch of Tomorrow too”.

Dodge was in full “Swept-Wing” mode by 1957. Great design, but I think I see it rusting already in this photo.

The little guys took out double-page ads too! Studebaker has some sweet looking cars in 1957, Supercharged too! I always thought the “President” sedan looked a lot like a Cadillac.

The rambler was just ugly, sorry. In reality they were very good quality cars, probably a notch above the lower priced GM cars, but did I mention it was ugly?

Our last look at cars in 1957 is from AC, GM’s parts division. How cool is that dog driving the green Oldsmobile?

Look how happy the wife is that her husband bought her a cooking appliance so she can make him breakfast!

Seven-up I so pure go ahead and give it to babies instead of milk.

Look at the size of that cash register. This advertisement if dedicated to my fellow blogger Dave over at Pleasant Family Shopping, be sure to check out his super blog (link).

That is one of the coolest clock-radio’s I’ve ever seen.

OK, we all know smoking is deadly, gross and stupid, just don’t do it. That said, would you buy cigarettes named “SPUD”?

Station to Station” and “Call by Number, it’s Twice as Fast”, does anyone under 40 even know what these terms mean?

Enjay Butyl” never heard of it but I guess it’s in our daily lives and we need it, just like Zinc Oxide.


The Viewliner Limited said...

It doesn't get any better than this Tim. I specifically like the Army helicopter page. The artwork is fantastic.

Love those Studebakers. And my favorite Ford of all-time.

I can't get over the 7up add. Start them of young and by 14 they will be diabetic.

Oh yeah, the Walt article is great. Great job Tim, truly appreciated.

Major Pepperidge said...

Amazing stuff, I am more than happy to get liquored up again. If I smoked, I would definitely smoke Spud cigarettes! "Gimme a Spud!".

I love the Rambler, at least it has a kind of funky *character* that most cars lack these days.

Those are some great photos in the Walt article... the one with him in the hammock (he actually rested?), the fire engine, and in a storyboard meeting for "The Sleeping Beauty" ("THE"??)... that looks like Les Clark at the phonograph.

And notice that the cover illustration is by Gustaf Tenggren who was, in a large part, responsible for the beautiful European look of "Snow White" and "Pinocchio".

TokyoMagic! said...

How do you scan all this stuff, AND post it, AND write your own text? Always very impressive! I especially like the cover artwork and the photo of Walt in the hammock.

Speaking of smoking....they moved the Fantasyland smoking area from the old Motor Boat dock back to the spot under the monorail beam (next to the Autopia and across from the Matterhorn), but people were still smoking in the old area even though there was a sign posted. That entire area wreaked of smoke.....GROSS!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Viewliner; I knew you'd like the Army pages, sure is an amazing image. That 57 ford is also Fords pinnacle of 1950's cars, I'd love to drive one!

Major; Did you notice that dogie in the back seat of the Rambler, I think he shares you opinion. "THE" Sleeping Beauty, I didn't notice that, interesting.

ToykoMagic; This post took a little longer than usual, the SE Post is a large format mag and had several two page ads, but its all fun for me. The blog is my therapy and works rather well.

WTF about the smoking area??? Fantasia Gardens was the perfect (off the beaten trail) spot for the Spud tokers! (a) Now Three Fences in back in the ask tray, bah! (b) are there new plans for the Motorboat area???

TokyoMagic! said...

I was told that people were complaining about the smoke while waiting for the parade...that and I think they do a meet and greet with characters up there on the terraced area by Small World and the smoke is right behind that. How about NO SMOKING IN THE PARK, PERIOD. Or build a large glass booth like they have outside the airport in Tokyo and make smokers go in there.

Unknown said...
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Mark Taft said...

Tim, just read this article from DSiane. Its one of the warmest, sweetest postings about Walt I've ever seen. Thanks!

Dave said...

Tim - Thanks for the dedication! :)

This is a super post! As much as I've read about the Disney family over the years, seeing the photos that accompany the article really bring it to life. And thanks again for including the ads and other great things from the magazines along with the Disneyland articles. To read these today, you almost get the sense that all of America was "Disneyland", in a way. Wonderful stuff from an optimistic era.

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