Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Castle View's - 1960

We’ve got a few interesting vintage snap shots to look at today. These first two I suppose could be described as “before and after” of “after and before”. The first photo is dated December 1960.

The second photo is (scream it with me) undated. It appears to show quite a bit more overgrown landscaping than the December 1960 photo above; this must be “after”?

This close up of the Castle is also undated.

The Castle as viewed from the left side, dated August 1960. I like how this set of photos is nearly devoid of people, my kind of photographer!


Honeymoon bed breakfast said...

Thanks for the look back. It's fun to see how the park has changed. I do wish that they would place trees behind the facade of It's a Small World again. I remember reading that an imagineer/model builder needed to get some model trees out of his way so he placed them on the top of the IASW model.

Best Regards,

Daveland said...

Isn't fun trying to place the date of undated pictures?

Major Pepperidge said...

SoCal doesn't get too many days with the puffy white clouds like that... seems like mostly January and February photos have those. Most December photos have the castle decked out with garlands and stuff too. I know, I'm not helping at all.

Anonymous said...

These photos show how well the castle design was planned to work with mature landscaping.

Notice first the last (left side) photo, the forced perspective of the building proportions (lower mass at full scale and reducing as you go up) is very obvious. The building looks bottom heavy.

The first two photos from the same viewpoint demonstrate the success of the design. In the later photo, the mature trees hide the base and promote the illusion of the towers being far in the distance, and so, smaller.

The building appears in proper proportion because of the mature plantings.

These guys really were geniuses.

Disney On Parole said...

Thanks for the pics!
The best pictures of the park are taken just after a good rain!
the sky's clear and so many wonderful clouds!!!
these brought back a lot of fond memories... Thanks

kumari said...

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