Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to the first Bonus Sunday of 2010! Here's the complete issue of "The Disney World" December 1965 - January 1966, there sure was a lot going with the Disney Company heading into 1966.

The Disney World - Dec. 65 / Jan. 66 (75mb)

The Sherman Brothers sign on for three more years, nice! “Benny Benefit” is a great article about a hilarious appearance Walt makes on Jack Benny’s TV Special.

It just so happens you can download the entire November 13, 1965 Jack Benny show (including awesome Eastern Airlines commercials) at (link). I clipped out the scene that featured Walt and posted it below (hope it worked..). I love that the whole setup is about free DISNEYLAND TICKETS and we get to see one hundred and eleven ticket books. Walt definitely plays into Benny’s style of humor, it’s great to see film of Walt that I’ve never seen before.

More photo’s of Walt, he sure was a busy man.

Here’s Walt with the Florida Mafia. Neato painting on the wall of the back side of a beach lady!

It never occurred to me that someone replaced Julie Reihm as Disneyland's Ambassador during Walt’s life time. Here’s Connie Jean Swanson meeting Walt and the “great big wide world of Disney”. Fascinating talk about “Paid Fares” for attractions (in 1965, 6.3 million guests paid 58 Million attraction "fares"). I wonder if it would have made better financial cents to keep the "A thru E" ticket system in place after all? Nah…

Walt was more popular than ever leading into 1966 and the company knew it. It really is difficult to image where the company would have gone had Walt been around for a few more years.

That is one BIG drum! I'd love to hear it Where is it now???

See you tomorrow as we continue “Magazine Monday” into 2010.


Major Pepperidge said...

Hooray for "Bonus Sunday"! Thanks for the download link for that Jack Benny episode... I've downloaded many movies from, but didn't know about this one!

I think that any fan of Disney movies or parks can't help but wonder what might have been if Walt had lived to, perhaps, 75 instead of 65.

Dave Meek said...

What a terrific bonus! Great to see Walt on the Benny show, that's a clip I've never seen before. Thanks!

Chris Merritt said...

Great stuff as always!

Dave said...

This is awesome, Tim! Thanks as always for your generosity, and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Unless it has been removed or replaced, Disneyland's giant drum should still be in use for Disney's Electrical Parade at Disney's California Adventure. Mickey still rides on this float, but he no longer beats the drum since it is now covered with lights spelling out the name of the parade.

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