Monday, January 25, 2010

Camping and Trailering Guide - January 1971

Welcome to Magazine Monday. From deep down in the obscure stack it’s the January 1971 issue of Camping and Trailing Guide. Nice 1971 Chevy Suburban, I bet it’s got a 454 with the LS5 option; 365hp – 850cm carb, dual exhaust – pulling that trailer you’d get about 6mpg, maybe.

An RV Traveler’s Guide to Disneyland is an odd article. I hope you enjoy this picture of the Castle; it’s the one photo of Disneyland in the entire article.

As you’ve probably guessed, this article has very little to with Disneyland other than telling you it doesn’t open until 10am. Trailerland at 1211 S. Harbor Blvd is now a hotel (map).

Lots of talk about Vacationland (nice name!) campground opening in the summer of 1971 at 1441 S. West Street, which is now 1441 S. Disneyland Drive and is part of the Disneyland Hotel parking lot (map).

The Cover story is all about America’s Top Ten Tow Cars, no Toyota Tundra’s in 1971! I’m am loving that Two door Pontiac Catalina.

Check out Chevy’s Disappearing Tailgate!

I had one of those Clamshell station wagons (GM produced them from 1971-76) mine was a 1976 Buick. The Glass slid up in the rood and the tail gate slid down under the floor, all at once with the turn of a key.

How about a few vintage Camping/Travel Advertisements? Airstream Trailers always seemed so cool to me, very purpose built. However, I’m not sure you should drive it up that close to the river! That area looks familiar?

Here’s a photo I took in October of 2003 at Slide Rock, which is part of Oak Creek Canyon just north of Sonoma Arizona. If you turned around in this photo it looks remarkably similar to the Airstream photo above.

Those fold-away campers always seemed flimsy to me. The “bed supports” don't look very strong.

Alaska looks like Camper's Paradise!


Major Pepperidge said...

My family had a Buick station wagon that was similar to that... must have been a late-60's or early 70's model. Sort of a frosty green with "wood" panels. Classy! We took many a long road trip in that car, me and my two brothers and one sister piled in the back with blankets and sleeping bags.

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