Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Park Operating Hours - December 1971 thru May 1972

According to this little pocket Park Operating Calendar Disneyland is open 10-7 on December 8, 1971. Today, December 8, 2009 the park is open 8-6, I hear there is a cast party tonight!

It sure looks weird seeing so many “CLOSED” days and plenty of 10-6 days, neither of which occur any more.

This Fall-Winter 1971-72 Disneyland Guide has one of my favorite covers; dad is pretty daring with Jr. on his shoulders holding that ice cream!

Frontierland minus the Indian Village. This is the last in park guide before the addition of Bear Country. There’s the Columbia Museum (“B” ticket), the Summer 1971 guide book states the museum is open “winter only”. #13 A Burrito Wagon, any photos out there? The “Wheelhouse” at #16 - what was that?? #17 Delta Banjo Sandwich Shop in the old Don DeFore's Silver Banjo location??? #21 - The Frontierland Camera Shop???? There is so much I don’t know about Disneyland!

Here’s some of the Special Events and Entertainment. Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire guide.


Major Pepperidge said...

Interesting about the Delta Banjo Sandwich Shop, one I've never heard of! And I like that it kept the banjo theme (apparently).

Can you imagine paying for a day at Disneyland, only to have it close at 6??

Jason Schultz said...

I didn't have these days/hours--thanks!!