Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Season VIP Party at Disneyland - 1994

Are you ready for the “Holiday Season” at Disneyland? It’s a VIP Party and you’re invited, November 13 thru December 24, 1994. No expense was spared on the graphics for this ticket; I think “Print Master Gold” was also involved. It’s neat that you could apply the value of the ticket towards the price of an Annual Passport.

New rule here on the blog, if the year of an item starts with a “19” it’s now classified as vintage.

That castle looks vintage to me!

Vacationland Magazine stopped in 1984 and left us with the Disney News. In early 1994 they changed the name to “The Disney Magazine”. Oddly, they kept the existing Volume and Issue counts, this Winter 1994 edition being “Vol. 30, No. 1”.

Four page article on how they ruined Tomorrowland in Florida. You’d think this mess would have prevented the mess that would become Tomorrowland ’98 in Anaheim.

So these things started in Florida, I didn’t know that. I bet they weren't $96 each when they premiered at Disneyland. I’m I the only one who thinks they are creepy and resemble grave markers?

Oh boy, here’s a great article on Vintage Disneyland Souvenirs! Its interesting to note some of the values, I think eBay has had a profound effect on the availability of these items and somewhat reduced there rarity and value. Hey, I've got that "Miracles from Molecules" record (link).

Lincoln LP, check. Vintage Tickets, check. Beer Stein, check (oh wait, mine is from Magic Mountain!)

Hey, I have that ad with the Tea Cups. I have that Music from Disneyland record too!

Another great article, this one celebrating 25 years of Grim Grinning Ghosts.

The back cover has some “exclusive” information.

Here’s the “Suitable for Framing” page that’s in each issue. Did anyone actually frame these things, if so, let’s talk.


Major Pepperidge said...

So many Disneyland items (guidebooks for instance) used to go for a lot more in the pre-ebay days. Once ebay came along, even the "rare" ones turned out to be not incredibly rare, and prices went down accordingly. I hate to think how much I originally spent on some of that stuff!

Connie Moreno said...

Oooh, great post!

JG said...

Great Post!

I remember Grim Grinning Ghosts, and a lot of that other stuff too.

Re the changes, do you think they paid any attention to the reactions to WDW Tomorrowland? Probably never noticed.

On the first scan, the purchases are limited to "Southern California residents".

Any idea on where that boundary was drawn?


Disney Nametags and More said...

Rarest piece of Disneyana I have ever seen would have to be the original Disneyland metal supervisor badge. Regular cast at Disneyland in 1955-1962ish were issued metal badges with an employee number, but supervisors and high-level managers received a metal badge with their actual name on it. Here is a picture of Disney Legend Bill Sullivan holding his...

He was supervisor of operations at Disneyland. I know of only 3 of these metal supervisor badges left in existance. I wonder how much one would be worth today? It boggles the mind.

Mark said...

So glad to see this piece on the New Tomorrowland! I LOVED Alien Encounter and Timekeeper. Wish it would have avoided the character invasion...