Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Disneyland Today - November 18-22, 1991

Today at Disneyland - 19 years ago! For the Week of November 18-22, 1991, this flyer if full of fun information and has some pretty neto graphics on the front.

$180 for a full annual passport (including parking) seemed like a lot of money in 1991. In 2010 it seems like a really good deal!

Open 10am to 6 pm - Monday thru Friday? Aren't they expecting the holiday crowds??? The Park hours this week (in 2010) are; Mon. - Thurs. open till 8pm, Friday open till Midnight! Next week is open to midnight all week!

Am I the only one who misses Afternoon Avenue?

"Please mark your parking location" if only....

I bet you didn't know any of these secrets? Hey Daveland, do you know why the glass is cracked in the Haunted Mansion dinning room scene?


disneyland said...

Halloween and Christmas bring some great decorations. The first day they go up in the park, the crowds are bigger. In fact, the park was near capacity when the new Halloween decor was revealed in 2006.

Maureen Grace said...
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JG said...

I agree with your new policy that anything "19" is now vintage.

Thanks for this.


Jason Schultz said...

Hey, hours for four more days! (Yes, I'm a bit late...)