Friday, November 19, 2010

Disneyland and You - 1979

Disneyland and You…. A guide book for the new Disneyland Cast Member circa 1979.

Chuck Shields would like to share this book with you to acquaint you with the policies and procedures necessary for smooth operation of our daily show. Welcome newest Disneylander.

You can download the entire book at the link below.

***** Disneyland and You - 33mb ******

Here are a few select pages from book; I like how they used the classic Disney characters.


Kevin Kidney said...

A classic. They were still handing this booklet out when I started at DL in 1985.

Katella Gate said...

1979? That was the same year I got my first job: as tour guide on the Queen Mary. I wonder how my life would have turned out if I had joined Disney instead...

The artworks is inspirational, and certainly sets the tone for accepting a cast member role in what is really the largest, most beautiful stage ever set for theater in the round.

Gary Moore said...

'love the cover photo. I took it with my brand new 6x7 Pentax ;)

Major Pepperidge said...

It was probably still a great time to be working at the park. If only I had grown up within reasonable distance of the park!

Katella Gate said...

Actually Major, a number of Ex Queen Mary people "jumped ship" and joined up at the Park! Mary Ann Griego was one (Hi Mary Ann!) and she says she her work experience at the QM was very well received by Disney.

To my perpetual astonishment, I bumped into her in Tomorrowland where we chatted as long as she could. My last memory of her was going up to the offices on the second floor of "America Sings".