Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Disneyland Scrapbook page - 1956

Here's a fun page from someone's scrapbook. Not dated, but the park flyer is from 1956 so I'll say these pics are from 1956.

The pictures are a nice large format, but sorta blurry! I blame a early 50's Kodak Brownie with the lens the size of a raisin!

Great early flyer with an awesome map!

The backside of the Disneyland page has some cool Will Rogers State Park photos and post card.


JG said...

That map looks very much like the one they use in the recent episode of Mad Men where Don Draper plans his kids day in Disneyland. I think that day is set in 1965 or 66.

Also, great shot of the parking lot and tram. Love the guy in the hat and tie, whose pants are swallowing him.


JG said...

I hope Thufer finds this parking lot picture.


Major Pepperidge said...

Will Rogers and Walt Disney were polo pals back in the good old days!

Thufer said...

Indeed JG, thanks for the shout out to this...
Not only the parking lot but trams as well, never is a day so good but as to start out on this portion of the happiest place on earth; no, not the park but the PARKing lot.
Oh, happiness is here in my eyes.

yu said...

I hope you'll have a good luck.
I'm always with you.

JG said...

Ha Thufer. Knew you would like this.

Don't ever change.