Monday, November 29, 2010

The Elks Magazine - October 1971

Welcome to Magazine Monday: Florida Style. From October 1971 it’s the Elks Magazine. Nothing is more fun than an organization led by a Grand Exalted Ruler, sounds kind of “Freemason-like” to me. Anyway, they made a pretty decent magazine, so put on your Grand Poobah hat and enjoy.

The first two pages need to be presented together so you can get the full effect. Further below you’ll find each page separately scanned and easier to read.

There's a lot of detail in this article, its like all the early press releases rolled into on big article.

Ticket prices just a little higher than Disneyland of 1971 - WDW is bigger but you get less A thru E tickets than Anaheim!

Imagine yourself in these fine Fall Fashions.

I hope you like trains, here’s a very rich and in-depth article which spells out in great detail what happened to the US railway system, fascinating.

Art Linkletter’s note to the public, it's sad that we lost him this year.


Major Pepperidge said...

That's a great early article about WDW! As always, I love old magazines, the articles, the typography, the ads, the SMELL...!

I believe that one of Art Linkletter's daughters died as a result of drugs, so you can understand why he was so outspoken about them. He seemed like a neat guy, folksy, but really smart.

JG said...

I belonged to the Elks Club long ago. It is a great organization, they do great charity work, started back in the era before the government did everything.
Best described as "Boy Scouts with a Bar". And yes, the pompous titles are part of the fun. I left when I moved to a place where the chapter was already closed. The activity is dying out, young people aren't interested in joining. Even when I was in, the average age in the room went down 10 years when I came in.

The FreeMasons are much more mystical and pseudoreligious. The Elks are pretty secular, there's really no supernatural component other than what you bring yourself.

Thanks for this great post, lots of work in this one.