Monday, June 28, 2010

Hudson Contest Winners at Disneyland - August 1955

From August 1955 this press photo shows the Hudson Contest Winners. They seem to be a rather well behaved group. It looks like it's a hot day and the Mickey planter looks pretty barren!

35 children accompanied by their parents participated in Hudson’s five-day all expense paid trip including two days at “Disneyland Park”.

From last July, here’s my post on the 1955 Hudson Magazine that features Walt Disney and Disneyland (link). I’ve got about 20 of these little magazines that cover the period of this contest yet there is no mention of the contest in any of the issues?


Daveland said...

What kind of crappy journalism would omit the Hudson Contest winners? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

My parents were the grand prize winners in that contest. I was born years later. I remember riding around in the Hudson Hornet. My Mom still talks about the plane ride, the trip to Disneyland and Catalina Island.

King said...

Watching the ad for the autographed Davy Crocket pic and chance to win a Hudson car, make sure u bring Mom Dad or both to ur hudson dealer to get the pic and a free 16 page comic of Crockett and a chance to win one of three cars or one of 27 second chance prizes ... Great stuff was FREE in those days , wonder what the Davy p8cs worth today ? Prolly $5 , nobody knows the guy anymore , he actually stopped by Disneyland and chopped wood for the parks opening looks like it was all hands on deck ... I miss watching the wonderful world of Disney on Sunday nights in the early 70s ... Good times

Anonymous said...

My uncle, Karl Rimer, won one of the 3 cars and a trip to Disneyland. He was from NC. He is the dark haired man holding a very blond little boy in his arms. He is front and center in the photo. His wife is beside him. His daughter is in front of him and his blond oldest son is in front of his mother. They fell in love with Ca and moved from NC to CA several years after winning this trip. I was over the moon to see this picture online and sent it to his grandchildren who had never seen this great photo. Thank you so much!