Thursday, September 4, 2008

Disneyland Vacation Passports - 1989

Still catching up here at the blog, so this post is two days late.

From September 2, 1989, here is a set of Disneyland Vacation Passports. Presented by the Walt Disney Travel Co., Inc. (A Subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company).

The back side of a Vacation Passport. Note that these have no price listed, they must have been included in a travel package. I’m sure somewhere they told you what a great “Value” you were getting with the package deal.

Here’s a fun “credit card” from the Disneyland Hotel.

This expired 19 years ago today. Wow, you could use this to eat, drink, shop and get your hair cut!

How about another Souvenir Guide? This is a “second edition1989 Souvenir Guide, the first edition had cartoon drawing of Splash Mountain with a little note that stated “opening spring 1989”.

The Characters from the rarely seen Song of the South. Don’t you think its’ time to released it on DVD/Blue-ray? Disney could do a special limited edition, they would make a ton of $$$, you’d think the mouse would be happy about that?

Bear County has a new attraction and a new name for the land, Critter Country. The name always reminded me of that silly 70’s sitcom “Carter Country”. This guide is really in great shape and super glossy, make sure to come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire guide.

Was this really 19 years ago?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the 1989 guide. I've seen these on ebay but hadn't bit yet, not knowing what's inside. As a huge Splash Mountain/Song of the South fan--thank you!!!!

I find it funny that the Little Mermaid ad doesn't include ANY art at all!

Brer Dan

Gavin Elster said...

You are not the only one who thinks "Carter Country".

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Anon; Check back Sunday for the entire guide. I thought the little Mermaid ad was lacking also.

Gavin! Thank you, I was almost thinking it was just my imagination. "Handle it, handle it, handle it..."