Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Vintage Knott's Map

In this blog’s never ending quest for Knott’s Berry Farm maps, presented today for your inspection is a large Knott’s map from ?? I would place it around 1960, but please let me know if you can get a better date, I sure wish they put a date code on these!

If you missed the prior Maps Knott’s posts and comparisons, you can view them here:

Vintage Disneyland Tickets – Knott’s Maps

All kinds of fun stuff on this map, I sure wish I could have visited the park back then. I see the Dreger Clock (Save the Dreger clock link) in front of Ye Old Candy Shoppe!

Full high resolution scan of the map – 28mb

The back of the map lists all the great shops and things to do and see. If you read thru this, try and imagine what a neat experience this place must have been.

Full high resolution scan of the back – 28mb

A couple of vintage post cards, probably a little older than the map.

And to finish off the post, here’s a great tourist photo from January 1957. Gotta love the lady on the right, the sunglasses, the purse, the skirt, she looks great!


TokyoMagic! said...

Boy, has this park been destroyed, or what? The map brings back some great memories. Thank you! So many of those attractions survived for such a long time.....what a shame Cedar Fair didn't care enough to preserve the incredible pieces of history that they had acquired.

Major Pepperidge said...

Love that Knott's stuff! Oh, if only I could spend a few hours in the Plastic Shack again. Good times....!

There never was another place like Knott's Berry Farm in its heyday.

outsidetheberm said...

You have some nice items there. Believe the map is the 1958 version.

Sure miss all this.

Anonymous said...

Love the little Portrait Studio illustration. Look at that picture he’s painting. It’s looks exactly like his model!

Anonymous said...

Also like the Haunted Shack description: “Scientists are puzzled”. I picture a guy in a white lab coat walking out of the shack shaking his head and muttering “all my years of study…swept away.”