Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bonus Weekend - Part 1

Welcome to Bonus Weekend! First up as promised, here is the entire "Disneyland Summer 1959" June 14, 1959 Los Angeles Times supplement. Please take the time to read each page, this really was a golden era for Disneyland.

Disneyland Summer 1959 Supplement - 70mb

The following two wall map scans were donated by Wishbookweb, if you love vintage department store catalogs, you've got to visit this site (link).  I sure respect the time and effort it takes to scan entire catalogs. 

Now to the Maps. This 1976 Disneyland Wall Map is such fun, this is my Disneyland. Note the attraction buildings have labels of where scenes are located throughout. In a way very cool, yet sometimes showing what's behind the curtain isn't such a good thing. Don't bother clicking on the photo below, its a low res version, use the link below for the full high resolution version. By the way, check out Wishbooks Flickr stream, WOW - (link). Don't blame me if you spend a few hours looking at this amazing collection.

1976 Disneyland Wall Map - 20mb

Another wonderful map, this one from 1983 and includes the "New Fantasyland". The artist seems to different, but very contemporary (for 1983), I like it. Again, don't bother clicking on the photo below, use the link below for the full high resolution version.

1983 Disneyland Wall Map - 20mb

Come back tomorrow for Bonus Weekend Part 2


Major Pepperidge said...

AWESOME map images, the maps have always been one of my all-time favorite souvenirs. I still remember the hours I would spend staring at mine, the poor thing was in tatters after a while, and I "fixed" it with masking tape on the back. Needless to say, I don't have that one any more!

The Viewliner Limited said...

AWESOME is RIGHT !!! This post is the bomb! As the kids would say. Thanks Tim. It is all appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Nice post! Does anyone know, did the Swift Market House sell prepared foods for snacks or meals, or did it actually sell staples such as meat? In the photo, there appears to be a butcher's scale (that may or not be turn-of-the-century decor). It seems odd, but I suppose some 1950s-era harried housewife might have needed to pick up a pound of ground beef as she shuttled Billy and Sally towards the exit.

Yellows said...

Wow, thanks for the map from 1983, the year I started at the Park.

Kind of funny how it looks like guests can walk around backstage. If you were really using these maps to locate yourself, you might get into some trouble!

TokyoMagic! said...

I've always thought it was interesting how long the large maps continued to show the Rocket Jets as the multi-colored Astro Jets, even after the 1967 redo.

Incredible graphics in that 1959 supplement! That last page was very interesing getting to see how certain attraction's ticket values were listed higher at that time. So the Motor Boats were actually once a "D" ticket? I only remember them being a "B", but I do remember other attraction's ticket values being decreased over the years. And why was it that the Stagecoaches were an "E", but the Conestoga Wagons were a "C"? Didn't they go past the same things?

Matt said...

Ah, the '76 map. First year I went there, in August just before my 9th b-day. I had that very map on my wall forever! I think I may still have it someplace. Hmmmm, but where? Thanks for the memories (not sung in a Bob Hope sort of way)

Anonymous said...

I shed a tear reading the 59 supplement it was so wonderful. There are so many great things about it. Rare photos, great graphics and text. One of my favorites is the little picture of the grandma with the corsage flying the Astrojet, “…proving the jet age isn’t reserved to her grandchildren.”. I also liked the older couple riding the carousel. Man, Disneyland used to promote itself as a real family place.

The funniest illustration is the lady and gentlemen having dinner at an unnamed “refreshment center” (Tahitian Terrace?). They dress up in their fancy clothes, she’s obviously in love with the guy and what does he do? Buys her a hamburger and a bottle of orange soda. Hey big spender!!

jedidad said...

I would like to submit a high res. version of a 1972 park map that has been scanned and photoshop touched up to remove any imperfections in the image. I am also doing the same to the 1983 map. How do I get ahold of the blog owner?


kimsdad said...

I have the 1976 map and wondering if there is enough value to have it framed. I have not been there but my dad got to go.

Unknown said...

Amazing work as always!