Sunday, November 25, 2007

Extra Rides Sunday

Back from a brief vacation, I am ready to start again. For the record; this bloggin stuffs hard ya'll!

For Sunday brunch we have a look at a couple of ticket books that are a little different. These were books you purchased once you were already in the park, they did not include admission, you are already in the park silly!

You would buy these at ticket booths throughout the park. Two reasons you would buy these; You either bought only a general admission ticket at the front gate (you cheap #$%@) or you ran out of tickets from the 10 or 15 ticket book. These books (especially older ones) are very rare, because if you bought these at the ticket booths inside the park, you are mostly likely ready to use it right away.

First up, from June 1964, this is a Child "5 Adventures In Disneyland" book. I love the art work on these, you can even see the Fort and I think the tree house! And you gotta love that wording in the scroll "This Coupon May Be Used For One Admission To Any Ride Or Attraction In Disneyland"

The front had that great "Welcome" Message, with Walt's cool signature (these were introduced on the blue paper in 1959 just before the first "E" Ticket books):

And the back shows your Maximum Value is $2.00, all this for just $1.60!

Lastly today, for comparison from March 1972, an "Any Age" 5 Adventure book, this was $3.40 (a $4.25 value) and was for all ages. The artwork is still nice, but I like the 64' one better.

This week: The "B" ticket. The "B" starts to get a little more complicated than the "A" ticket series, so we might see it broken into 4 parts, with a little break in the middle.


The Viewliner Limited said...

Thanks for looking at my blog and linking me to yours, I truly appreciate it. Your blog is awesome. I have always loved Disneyland tickets and as far as that goes pretty much liked everything about Disneyland. Keep up the cool ain't that hard is it? :-)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Thanks Viewliner! I also like pretty much everything about Disneyland! The tickets have me hooked however! I guess you are right, blogging isn't really that hard, it just takes some dedication.

Daveland said...

Tim - love the ticket art; had never seen that before. Welcome back - hope you had a great Turkey Day!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

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