Thursday, November 15, 2007

The "A" Ticket - Part 2 the 1960's

We start the 60's "A" ticket post with a June 1963 ticket with the same size and style as the late 50's "A" ticket. The Omnibus is now only listed on Main Street. Also on Main Street, the Main Street Cinema is gone, now appearing on the "B" ticket. (How does' that attraction get upgraded to "B" status, come to think of it, I wonder how they determined the letter status of all the attractions? Separate post!)...

Also note Tomorrowland lost the Satellite-View of America, I think the Art of Animation moved into that area by then and was a "B" ticket in 63'. And Sleeping Beauty's Castle makes its debut on the "A" ticket having been demoted from the "B" sometime after 1961.

Notice the "Special Ticket Book Price 8 cents". Some time around 62/63 Disneyland started placing this on the tickets sold in booklets. I guess it was to show you what a value you were getting, seems like a lot of math to me! Anyway this practice stopped by 66'

Here we have a nice "A" ticket from May 1966. Right away you should notice this is not on the famous and standard "globe" paper. I like to refer to this as "Castle Paper" and the subject is a post all on its own (soon I promise - I have some cool ones!) From what I can tell, this paper was used on tickets from October 66 thru May 67', at least those are the samples I have. I don't know why Globe was not used during this period, does anyone????

The "Special Price" is gone. A new size appears in 66, it's 5 1/2" x 2 5/8th's, a size it will keep thru 1973. Attractions remain the same as 1963.

Now we are back to the Globe paper on this May 1968 "A" ticket. Looks like with the "New Tomorrowland" in 1967 there were no more "A" rides! 20,000 Leagues Exhibit being replace by "Adventure thru Inner Space" which was not in ticket books at first, but by 74 was a "C" ticket (another future post subject!) And poor Sleeping Beauty Castle, she is gone again from the "A" back to "B"!

That's it for the "A" Ticket 60's. Tomorrow, the final part (3) of the "A" series, the 1970's (and we will throw in the early 80's as well).

Then next we'll take a little detour before the "B" Ticket series and visit the first Tiki Room tickets, you wont find these in any ticket book!


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Good Evening,
I was cleaning out the attic and found a book of tickets from June 1965. I used some of the tickets. Is there a value to these?? Does any one know??