Sunday, November 18, 2007

CHECK THIS OUT! Rare 1956 Disneyland footage

Hi Everyone,

I stumbled across this great video on the web last night.

It's from and here is the link (WELL, this link might not work, contact me and I will have a friend use his gmail account and we can email it to you)

1956 Disneyland Family Vacation

This is a great 30 minute home movie of a Connecticut family that won a trip to Disneyland in July 1956. It's a little campy, but SUPER views of Disneyland circa 7/56! I bet Disney doesn't even have some of these clear shots from 56'!

Do yourself a favor and download the 2.0 GIG MPEG2 version, it is VERY clear and awesome colors. I am guessing they were using a 16MM camera. Great scenes of LA, Catalina, Knott's and more. Enjoy - I did.

By the way, has some fantastic stuff, if you have say 30 hours to spare, check it out!


Unknown said...

The link doesn't work. I even did a search for it and it doesn't appear to be on the server anymore. Bummer! I would love to be able to get it.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Kim,

Well, its almost 2 gigs so my email wont let me send it to you.

Here is an article about the film:

Maybe the Library of congress has it? I can't find it on their website!!!

I would be happy to burn you a DVD for free, its that good that I want to share it! Let me know. Email me at:

Anonymous said...

It's Thursday Nov. 29th and the link is working...should be able to see it. I'm looking at it right now!