Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The "B" Ticket - Part 2 the early 1960's

Before we get started today, lets look at how the ticket alignment changed during the 60's. In 1959, when the ticket books with the new "E" tickets were introduced, the "E" ticket was the longest ticket in the book, measuring 5 1/2" x 2 7/16" (same height as money$$$), and the "A" ticket was the shortest at just 4" x 2 7/16".

Some time after 1966 and at around the same time Walt's signature went away from the Welcome cover sheet (right around the same time he passed away, coincidence?) the order was reversed. Now the "E" ticket is the shortest and the "A" ticket is the longest! My theory; Since "E" tickets were obviously the most popular, it became cost effective to reduce the length and have the "E" tickets use less paper.

To show the order and how it was reversed, here are two nice ticket books. First is from June 1963 and the other is from April 1973, just before the whole ticket book got shrunk down (a post subject for another day...)

Now with the size thing out of the way, lets look at some of the "B" tickets from the first half of the 1960's, all these in today's post are the shorter ones, 4 1/4" x 2 7/16".

First up from June 1961, several changes from a year or so ago; Main Street Cinema has been added, moved up from the "A" ticket. The Astro-Jet was demoted from the "C" ticket and is now on the "B" ticket. Oh, and the "Art of Animation Exhibit" is new to the "B" ticket too, added to the "B" in June of 1960. And the Motor Boat Cruise is back after a total disappearance.

Next up from June 1962, this Child "B" ticket has a pinkish color, some (not all) child tickets were different colors, but that's a post for another day too. This ticket has almost the same attractions as the June 1961 ticket above,except Sleeping Beauty Castle is gone, kicked down to the "A" ticket! She'll be back!

Help me out with this next one, from June 1963, it's got some weird stuff. A normal change, addition of Mike Fink Keel boats, moved down from the "C"; But wait, the Midget Autopia is gone, seems to not be on any ticket after 1962? Odd since it was there till 66' (I think).

OK here is the really weird part on this one. The Mickey Mouse Club Theater is gone, replaced by "Jack and the Bean Stalk"? Is that the year it came out? "Summer Only, Last show starts at 2:00pm" and in the back of the ticket book, it also reads "Papotin's Revue Begins 3:00pm" What was all this about? Does anyone have more detail, some pictures?

***** UPDATE ***** I found out what Papotin's Revue was! From another blogspot blog, "Then Walt DISNEY himself became interested in entrusting André to put on a stage show at Disneyland (California) during the Summer of 1963: Papotin's Revue delighted thousands of spectators through 518 performances." Someone PLEASE explain the Jack in the Bean Stalk thing, was that even a Disney Movie/Cartoon?

And from when I was only one month old, June 1965. Pretty much the same as June 1963 except the "Jack and the Bean Stalk" thing is now called "Fantasy Theatre" something I remember very well, I spent many a hot 1970's summer afternoon in there watching Pluto and Mickey and staying cool!

And just to see if you are paying attention, does this belong in this post?

Yes, it's a WDW "B" ticket, from June 1973. It does not fit in this post, but it's pretty and I like it so here it is.....

Tomorrow we take a little detour from our "B" series and head to "Tokyo" Disneyland!


The Viewliner Limited said...

Never saw the Jack & The Bean Stalk Ticket before. Very Cool! Good work, really enjoying it. Like the WDW tix also.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Thanks Viewliner! I don't get it, Jack and the Bean Stalk isn't even a Disney movie?

JennyJ said...

I just came across your blog this weekend. After reading a few current posts, I chose to start at the very beginning (well almost).

I have the Disney Jack and the Beanstalk cartoon. I'm not sure when it was made, maybe early 50's if not in the 40's.....but it was called "Mickey and the Beanstalk."
Great show.

Also loving the old school Disneyland. THANKS

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