Saturday, June 18, 2011

Date Nite at Disneyland 1958 - The LP

Welcome to Souvenir Saturday. I've always loved the Elliott Brothers and this LP has got to be one of their best. The cover alone will put you in the mood to dance!

You can buy this album on iTunes, but I bet its not on warm vinyl and I can guarantee you its not on the "Disc-Jockey" label, one of the international producers of LP's for Disneyland Records. This version was pressed in and made for Argentina.

As a collector of vintage vinyl its been my experience that on average the foreign pressings of LP's are superior to the US versions. My guess would be the lower volume of records stamped in foreign countries. A master stamper can be used hundreds if not thousands of times, but the first stamping always sounds better then the last one - the high number of pressing in the US tended to put out some mass produced LP's that varied greatly in quality. The low number of pressings overseas tend to be a bit cleaner and have less defects.

Let's watch the first part of "Let's Dance at Disneyland".

Download both sides, crank up your speakers and LETS DANCE!!!

Side 1 (link) 14mb – wma format.

Side 2 (link) 13mb – wma format. (check it out at around 14:00 - what sounds like the Mexican Hat Dance morphs into The Mickey Mouse Club song and the audience joins in!)


Connie Moreno said...

WOW! And you can buy it on itunes? Double wow!!

Major Pepperidge said...

Do you collect vintage vinyl that is not Disneyland related as well?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hey Major, I collect all kinds of records; LP’s of course, Disneyland to The Carpenters to RUSH (I have every RUSH LP times a few) to everything in between. My favorite LP’s are the Audiophile versions (CBS Half-Speed Masters, Nautilus SuperDisc, MFSL, etc. – listening right now to Billy Joel – The Stranger on CBS Half-Speed, sounds amazing) I’ve also got about 300 78’s, mostly early 1900 thru 1940’s, lots of Disney too! I was a “45 single” junkie from 1977 thru the early ‘90’s so I have at least 500 of those. Got a couple hundred 12” singles too (33 &45) mid ‘70’s thru mid 80’s, lots of club mixes and RUSH. And a few dozen 16rpm records, mostly classical, elevator music and government training. Oh, I collect tapes too! 8 tracks, 200+ mostly 70’s and early 80’s rock. No regular cassettes, sold them all at a garage sale, not interested… About 100 Prerecorded Reel to Reel tapes (Mostly 7 ½ fps), still hunting for a RUSH version but man you should hear The Boston Pops “Sleigh Ride” on Reel to Reel, WOW!! And lastly weird formats, PlayTapes, 4-Track Stereo Pak (Mad Man Muntz!), RCA Tape Cartridge (a HUGE cassette), ½” audio and 2” audio 24 track, mini reel to reel and micro cassettes and a few formats I can’t even play cause I have no idea what they are, but the tapes sure look cool! Ask me some time about my film collection!

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, you've got some collection! I used to be so passionate about vinyl, and loved my LPs. And at some point I inherited my grandma's 78s and even my mom's old portable record player that could play them. It could also play. It could even play some very old, large, one-sided discs that I think were something like 16 rpm, but I can't find anything about those, so maybe I am hallucinating. They were boring opera records, anyway!

I slowly got rid of most of my records over the years, mostly because they took up so much room, But I miss the old cover sleeves with the large artwork, I miss the labels, and even the smell of lots and lots of records!! One memory is playing 45s as a kid, and just watching the label spin while the music played.

Wow, I wonder what those formats are that you don't even know?

Unknown said...

I have this. How much is it worth?

Carlos said...

Interested in selling?