Friday, April 23, 2010

Walter Knott's other Ghost Town

With Walter Knott still on my mind it seemed like a good time to post my Calico Ghost Town ticket collection. One Ghost Town wasn’t enough for Mr. Knott, he went and purchased a real ghost town out in the desert back in 1951. Check out Daveland's super vintage Calico photos page (link) on his excellent website.

These Maggie Mine tickets look and feel (and smell) extra vintage.

The tale of the mine continues on the back.

These tickets for the “Glory Tunnel” appear to be for the same attraction, maybe slightly newer? (I like this version better).

Here are some round trip tickets for the Calico & Odessa R.R.

The way it used to be” great name for a museum!

One round trip Tramway to Calico, did you get to ride in the ore cars? Notice all the safety paper is “Dillingham Ticket Co.”, while they are fun to look at, I prefer Globe Ticket paper, the Dillingham has a monopoly money look & feel to it.

If you would like to learn more about Calico Ghost Town you can read the three small paragraphs on Wikipedia (link) of you can read this detailed article from Desert Magazine, July 1953.

Besides a ton of information about Calico, its origin, history and Knott’s connection, there is quite a bit of information in here about Walter Knott himself.


Jim Moore said...

Fantastic post Tim! Thanks! I was just at Calico 3 weeks ago (first time since mid 80's) and had a great time.

Major Pepperidge said...

Great stuff! "Dillingham", sounds familiar, huh? It might look like Monopoly money, but I'd still love to have one of the Dillingham Disney ticket books.

I am not sure I was aware that Calico had a working train...!

Let's Talk Knott's said...

Great post! I love Calico and am always excited to see/hear more about it. Not a rollercoaster to be seen at Calico! I was hoping to meet you at the book signing, hopefully next time.

Mathew Deharder said...

I have a few unused admit one tickets in the 20,000# ... Wondering if they have any value?