Saturday, April 10, 2010

Souvenir Saturday Magic Mountain Playing Cards

Welcome to Souvenir Saturday. Today we’ve got a couple of souvenir playing cards from the early days of Magic Mountain. Unfortunately, while both decks do feature great photos, each deck simply repeats the photo 54 times!

Up first from the mid 1970’s this deck has a great photo of the Jet Stream back when they used to race down the last drop. The double chutes are still there, but the right side has been closed for years. The one on the right looks pasted in doesn't it?

The other set of cards must be from the opening year 1971 or very soon after. These cards feature the original Magic Mountain logo (which is my favorite!) and some great early vintage photos; do I see blue and green Metro Monorails? SAVE THE MONORAIL!!!!

The 1971 deck of cards is HUGE! I feel like the host of Card Sharks when I play with these big dudes! I’ve always had an odd fondness for these typer of oversized cards, maybe I better consult Freud.

The box for the large cards still has part of its original price tag, too bad we can’t see the price! Made in Japan????


Katella Gate said...

This is the Disney post today that really made me smile. I had completely forgotten about the over-sized playing cards. There was kind of a vogue for these things in the 70s, right? Like the round playing cards also back then?

TokyoMagic! said...

Katella, I had...and still have a set of the round cards. My grandmother also gave me a "Crooked Deck" of cards that were kind of zigzag shaped.

I need to get over to Magic has been too, too long! Although I imagine that I will be as disappointed with it as I am with Knott's since there has been so much destruction over the years.

Major Pepperidge said...

I have a set of the round playing cards in they're plastic case... the only MM souvenir in my collection!