Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disneyland in Slides December 1962 - Part Two

Welcome to part two of a visit to Disneyland – December 1962. KatellaGate put it well in his comment yesterday “Actually these are great documentary slides” that's kind of what these remind me of. It’s as if the photographer was on a mission to capture the park and its attractions, with just a few “family shots” thrown in for good measure.

Up first a nice overhead view of Alice in Wonderland. It’s hard to tell if the color is off because those giant leaves appear to be the same color that envelopes some of these old slides. Judging by the line (or lack of) I’d say this was a slow day at the park.

A nicely centered overhead shot of the Tea Cups. Can you see Hatter and Rabbit on the far side of the Tea Cups? You’ll see more on them in a few seconds.

Great TeaCups in action shots. Here we’ve got Junior doing his best to spin the cup right off its axis, Dad holding what looks like a 1940’s regular 8mm movie camera, and Mom looks genuinely thrilled by the whole thing. Side note; Mom looks remarkably like the current Mad Hatter that roams the park, coincidence?

I’m guessing these two are the older daughters/twins? The one on the right wants to be a Tour Guide! Welch’s Juice Bar in the background – man do I miss those on a hot summer day.

Rabbit walking all alone, no handlers, no guests… Lots of slurry.

Well, I must admit I really like this photo. (a) what is rabbit doing to Hatters nose – touching isn't it? (b) the little girls face showing between them is priceless and (c) speaking of prices, wow check out the menu board – Pizza 65¢

Is Hatter holding a tea cup? That’s an odd placement for his hands.

Pluto looks lonely?

That’s better, now Pluto looks happy. I see a ticket book!!! Anyone else have this song running through their heads “But they're cousins, identical cousins all the way”…

Come back tomorrow for part three as we finish up in Fantasyland and head down Main Street.


Disney On Parole said...

Again... WOW!!!
It look like the White Rabbit and the Hatter are having a nice chat on a slow day!
and the shot of the Rabbit... I love the lady in the red fur and hat! so chic!
The shot of Pluto just makes me miss Scull Rock!! :'o(

I can't wait for tomorrow....


The Viewliner Limited said...

Excellent Tim !

Major Pepperidge said...

Neat, I do love that one of the characters in front of the Fantasyland food stand. And the teacups "action shots" are so clear... but that kid is definitely cranking on the center wheel with all of his might.

If only everybody used Kodachrome... I've had many slides that were Ektachrome or Technicolor or some other type of film, and they often seem more grainy. These are still wonderful though!

Matt said...

Ok, these are just damn fantastic! A full Alice themed slide post with ultra clear shots! Love those of the Hatter and White Rabbit together.

Katella Gate said...

There's NOBODY in this park... Tea Cup holding pens empty, no line at Alice...

And nose trucks were a big part of the routine for this generation of rubberheads like the Dwarfs, Mad Hatter etc. It was the only part of the costume's face that could easily be moved (The CM's arms are actually inside the head)so most reaction shots involved the character's nose vibrating.

TokyoMagic! said...

....they walk alike, they talk alike, at times they even.....I don't remember the rest of the song....something about a hot dog, I think.

I miss the original version of the Alice attraction...and of course, Skull Rock.

The Mad Hatter often carried a cup around. I remember on one visit there was a penny inside of the cup and it fell out and he was signaling (with his foot) for my brother to pick it up and put it back inside the cup. Weird memory of a VERY early visit to the park.

jedblau said...

These are killer!

TokyoMagic! said...

By the way, there is yet another Fantasyland ticket booth visible in that aerial shot of the Alice attraction. It's just on the other side of the Skyway pole, next to Toad. Gee, Fantasyland seems to have had a lot of ticket booths!

Zanuck said...

For a long time, I did not like the teacups. The location, the crowding, the loud music, etc. These pictures made me look at the attraction in a wonderfully retro and unencumbered way. THANX! The overhead view was so cool I posted it on my twitpic under the name theinnbetweener. Hope that's OK. I may also post the peek-a-boo camera guy.