Friday, May 1, 2009

Press Guest Sticker - 1983

Press Guest” Wouldn’t is be better to call it a “Press Pass”? Maybe a “Pass” implies some privilege that a “guest” doesn’t get?  From 1983, this “Press Guest” sticker is a fun green color. I like the castle design, the Disneyland font is not so special.

I like how these “passes” are made from a woven material/textile of some kind and the backing is extra sticky. We used to get these types of stickers in the early 1970’s at my dad’s union family nights, that sticky glue stayed on my clothes forever! 

Once again from the stack of weird souvenir slides, here’s the entrance to Adventureland. This slide is (say it with me) undated, but looking at the clothes I’m going put it at 1978-79, but that’s just a guess. These slides have a weird look to them that’s hard to describe, especially staged ones like this.


TokyoMagic! said...

I think you said these were not Pana-Vue slides, but this one and a few of the others must be shots that were re-issued later with the Pana-Vue label, because I have this exact same shot as well as a few of the others from the Pana-Vue collection that I purchased at the park in the eighties. The only difference is, they are square rather than rectangular.

What a shame that the little tiki guy with the fish on a spear and his catamaran were removed! Just more damage that was done to the park during the "dark years."

Major Pepperidge said...

Darn, how did I miss your post today? I guess I was distracted! The press sticker is very cool, can't be that many of 'em around. We went to the park on many a "Navy Night", and didn't get cool stickers like you got!

Diaz Howard said...

Hi Thanks for sharing.

I find something interesting as well:

Wishbook said...

I'll bet the 1979 dating is correct, given there are two Jungle Book characters and Jungle Book was re-released in June of 1978. They always seemed to make their characters particularly relevant to their current releases.